Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, May 10

Run Spirited: What the UTMB-Ironman means for trail and ultramarathon running.

…and a throwback article from 2017 when UTMB tried to extort money from Hardrock.

iRunFar/TWIR: Ultramarathon and trail running results from this past weekend’s races. Bummed I missed American River 50 (congrats Reed!), but I had to remodel our bathroom in time for Mother’s Day.

PNW runners: Be on the look out for “humanoid” footprints (AKA Bigfoot) tracks on the trails.

Did you catch our latest interview with 23 year old Annie Hughes? Annie recently crushed the Collegiate Peak 50, winning not only the female division but beating all the fellas along the way. She’s got collegiate experience (ahem, Adams State), an incredible attitude and a desire to push herself to new limits. Keep an eye on Annie.

I tweeted this yesterday and will repeat it here: Though I preach the #leavenotrace ethos, I do appreciate it when people spray paint short tree stumps bright orange. They’ve saved my butt (err, hands and face) many a time. My vision is still funky and any little bit helps.

Did anyone else read this article and think “huh, I bet she got some pretty good runs in”?

Hunter shoots hiker on popular Missouri trail, mistaking him for a turkey. Be careful out there.

SCMP: Trail Running Accessibility and Diversity. I’ll admit to being a bit confused by this article. Mark Agnew, an author with whom I generally agree with and understand writes about the lack of POC role models and opportunities in our sport, but is writing from Hong Kong, where, with China, is experiencing a massive trail and ultramarathon boom. If he’s writing about the US, then there’s certainly a discussion to be had, but his media outlet is the South China Morning Post. There are strong and salient points in the article about money, class and opportunity, but they’re clouded by a wokeness that doesn’t feel very authentic or complete. I’d love to hear your take. Did you read it differently?

Oh helllllllllllllll no. Someone please send this man some new underwear.

I’m seeing an increase of RTTs (Roof Top Tents) recently. Here’s more about how they work, pros and cons, etc.

Now may be a pretty good time to dig into the gear closet for the old tents and packs you no longer use. Last year it was toilet paper….now it’s camping/outdoor gear.

Butter beer? Is that like an unattractive woman who happens to be a great brewer?

Spent Mother’s Day on a trail run in the El Dorado NF (my wife’s request!) and this was the result on the drive home:

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