Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, May 11

Scott Jaime travels to South Africa’s Black Mountains for some serious discovery.  Great film!

Understatement of the week: Woman who describes herself as “not very good at orienteering” gets lost during 12.5km trail race in New Zealand and drinks her own breast milk to “survive” a night in the cold. She was found 2.5km from the race start. Thinking maybe a different sport would suit her better.

A HS senior from Oregon became only the sixth prep runner to break 4 minutes in the mile.

Luke takes us on an awesome adventure through the Cascades. Looks like the snow is melting nice and the trails are lush.

Do you get blisters and funky rubbing from your shoes? Use the lacelock method.

A few results: At Quicksilver 100k near San Francisco, Chikara Omine took it for the fellas, while the amazing Meghan Arbogast bested all females–at age 54. Full results here.

Ice Age 50 was won (predictably) by Zach Bitter (6:17) with Joanna Masloski (7:50) taking it for the ladies in her debut ultramarathon. Full results here.

Luis Alberto Hernando and Emelie Forsberg won Transvulcania. IRF has a breakdown here. The real standout performances for me were Luis Alberto beating Kilian’s CR, Blake Hose in a breakout-race-that-every-Aussie-knew-was-going-to-happen, Zach Miller for his grit in coming back, and Alicia Shay for making a serious statement in her first international ultra. Nice work, all.

Bob Shebest won Cinderella Trails 50k in Oakland. Bob is having a heck of a year, with four more hundreds to go!

At Smith Rock Ascent 50, world famous alpinist Ueli Steck finished his first ultramarathon in 4:28:55. Pretty damn good.

Pro advice from Sage: Want to get good at hills? Run 5 miles up hill at tempo pace. In the pouring rain. 

I know a lot of people are into wearables and tracking every bit of data about themselves and their fitness, but I’m not one of those people.

Here’s the live feed from the EMUSPORT 6 day in Hungary. They’ve got less than 24 hours left and Joe Fejes has a chance at cracking 1000km. Do the math, and Joe will be running for damn near a hundred miles (or more) for six days straight. Wow.

How quickly can you recover from overtraining?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Mini-contest: I’ll be pulling a random name out of an e-hat for those who’ve purchased koozies in the past week.  Can’t legally say what the prize will be, but it might be one of those beverages that I’ve got two of. Contest ends tonight at midnight.


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