Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, May 15

Lots of ultramarathon and trail results this weekend, and Justin’s got all the details right this way.  I was particularly interested in Tim Freriks at Transvulcania (here’s Ian’s report) and YiOu Wang at local-ish Quicksilver 100k. Big respect to Hayden Hawks for his 2-hour late finish at Transvulcania. So many races with top runners…wow!

Have you seen the full movie of Speedgoat Karl’s AT record?  Here it is.

So true: The very best thing you could do for your fitness is nothing at all.

Tim Tollefson’s key workout.  (First step for me would be find a place with that sort of incline to run.)

OCR juggernaut Tough Mudder goes after polio-fighting non-profit The Rotary Club for deeply infringing on their copyright in a race by using….wait for it…too much orange.  

NUC: There are a lot of comparisons between the growth and commercialization of surfing, and that of ultramarathon and trail running.  Here’s an interesting–and very well done–piece about how women made inroads into surfing’s largest big wave event, Mavericks. Great read.

Sarah update: Looks like she’s 2nd female, 12th OA at Mauna to Mauna. Four days to go?

Hesitant road runner starts running “off road” and is liking it so far.  

Short news day. What did I miss?

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