Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, May 18

So at TNF Australia this past weekend, the top four guys essentially missed the turnaround, and were given a 15 minute penalty. Dylan Bowman was one of those leaders, and he ended up finishing first, just 6 minutes ahead of second place.  Tough situation, and the RDs had to make a tough call. How should these situation be handled in international ultramarathons? Learn all about it here.

By now you’re heard that Dean Potter, a “luminary in the pantheon of climbing gods” and a friends of his died while BASE jumping/wingsuiting in Yosemite.  But hey, when it’s time to die, die doing something awesome like flying off a freakin cliff in one of the most beautiful places in the country.  Meanwhile, in another beautiful park, some dumba$$ almost died in a less awesome way.

Eleven of the best trail running camps in the US. Hey, Team RWB is on there!  Here’s the crazy video from last years’ elite obstacle course.

How to race like an ultra veteran with Sally, Sage, and Kaci.

This girl is awesome: Blind pole vaulter from Texas finishes third at state meet.

Hey, your Fitbit isn’t going to help you lose weight. Just back away from the table…

It’s craft beer week in Chicago. Anyone going?  I see a lot of larger breweries on the list, amongst those I’ve never heard of.

Five reasons every runner should cross train. What do you do? I inline skate and chase kids.

Kawauchi is one my running heroes too.

What “Wild” has wrought. Traffic on the PCT?

Notable weekend results

Karl Meltzer and Angela Shartel won the Cruel Jewel 100something in Georgia  and Brian and Amy Rusiecki both podiumed (he won it) for the Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 in Virginia.

On the West Coast, Mark Austin and Emily Richards won the Silver State 50, which is directed by WS100 Prez John Trent. Full results here.

And deep down south, Vanderlei Pereira and Tammy Walther took wins at Keys 100 in Key Largo. Full results here.


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