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Alright, Brits, you win.  The Oly Trials for the 10k ran through a makeshift bar set up on the track.  USATF, you listening?

THAT'S how to add excitement to 26 laps around a track!
THAT’S how to add excitement to 26 laps around a track!

Triathlete dies during swim portion of Ironman Tennessee.

Justin/IRF’s Weekend in Review, including Darcy’s win at Jemez and other ultramarathon/trail races.

Did you catch our latest interview with Timothy Olson? We talk about overcoming OTS (we hope!), meditation, races, and family balance.

The episode was sponsored by TrailStoke Running Festival in Revelstoke, BC on from Aug 26-28. Looks like a gorgeous place, and some of those races have serious vert.

On my run yesterday (Auburn, Cool, Brown’s), I saw the biggest bear I’ve seen.  Beautiful light brown/amber fur, large, alert ears, but big. Real big.

For those who do interval workouts: You know the rest period that you look forward to? Yeah, you need to do that faster.

Jill and Beat moved from San Francisco to Colorado this year. How’s the altitude and weather treating them?

If you’ve been taking a certain antibiotic, you’re likely more susceptible to tendon damage.

Short news day. What did I miss?  Always feel free to shoot me results, reports, reviews to [email protected].

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