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This isn’t what we expected when we asked for more media attention towards ultramarathon events. Tragic mishap in China as 21 runners die during a race. iRunFar has details here.
A few comments: China puts on many events each year, and from I know, most are managed and directed by the local (Communist) governments who are accused of putting profits and “prestige” ahead of risk mitigation and safety. Also keep in mind as more details emerge that any information we’re receiving has been pushed through the tightly wound filters of the PRC. Briefly, this was bound to happen, but I didn’t expect that it would be this bad.
My thoughts are with the families and friends affected by this tragedy.

Run Spirited: Five questions and answers about dry needling for runners.

iRunFar/Mock: All the results from trail and ultramarathon events around the world. How’d I miss that Bishop High Sierra was this weekend?!? And re: the women’s “new world record” set in South Africa…I’ll wait for the greater running community to determine who has the “world best” and/or the “world record” as Des’ recent sub 3 is undergoing ratification.

“You get to some just absolutely beautiful parts of the country with gorgeous views and a good variety in the landscape. It’s something that for me is not like anything I’ve experienced in the US where I grew up.”

John Kelly opens up and shares his experience from his Pennine Way FKT.

While maybe not a household name to everyone on these pages, running legend Ron Hill passed away this weekend. Aside from multiple wins in Major events, he was also an author and holder of the longest running streak in history, surpassing over 52 years of running every single day. Most impressive to me is that during his streak, he was also wildly successful. Hill won the European Athletics Championships’ Marathon in 1969, he was the 2nd man to break 2:10 in the marathon in the world, won gold at the 1970 Commonwealth Games Marathon, then that same year won the Boston Marathon. During his streak, he also finished second at the hyper competitive Fukuoka Marathon and was sixth (first Non-African) in the 10k at the 1968 Olympics then set the (still standing) record at the 1981 China Coast marathon. The list goes on and on. And hey, during that time he also earned a Ph.D and founded the Ronhill sports brand.

Canadian Running: The Canadian record for the mens and women’s 50k were both set this past weekend in Ontario. Something tells me that a new women’s record will be attempted soon…

ultrarunning: Getting back to racing after a year off? Here are three important things to remember.

Non-alcoholic beer is also seeing a massive increase in the UK as beer enthusiasts look for a healthier alternative.

Women and endurance running: How to train with your menstrual cycle.

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