Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, May 3

Jam Jam brings the ultramarathon and trail news with new 100 mile world record, Canyons 100k results, San Diego 100 cancellation, Cocodona 250 preview, and more.

iRunFar: Justin Mock brings all the ultramarathon and trail results including the new 100 mile treadmill record (Zach Bitter is having a hell of a few weeks, huh?), UROC 100k (that’s still a thing?), Collegiate Peaks 50 miler (Annie Hughes is on FIRE!) and more.

Add this to the list:

And add this to the list while we’re at it: Zack Beavin breaks one of the strongest ultramarathon records in the US, as he shatters Andy Jones (Canada, not Wilkins) course record at Strolling Jim 40 miler in Tennessee.

And, time and again, the sport has proven to be one of the great equalizers as naturally gifted competitors from marathons and shorter ultras have routinely underacheived when the distances go beyond 100 kilometers. Conversely, those who have relatively pedestrian finishing times at the shorter distances can thrive in the longer ones. There now seems to be scientific support to the assertion that those who are able to perform best when fatigued ultimately enjoy the greatest success in long-distance ultras.

–And here, Andy Jones Wilkins writes about fatigue resistance in ultramarathon racing. Good post.

Runner’s World: The running scene is a place of acceptance and love for these five LGB runners.

Live Cocodona 250 coverage is RIGHT HERE. Araivapa is once again setting the US standard for race coverage.

I knew my race was over. I had 96.5 miles and 16:27 hours on the clock. It sounds ridiculous that I couldn’t run 3.5 miles in 33 minutes but I genuinely couldn’t push any harder.

–Excellent report from Centurion Track 100.

Monday Funny: Victoria Secrets introduces line of “more revealing” Rona masks. Sexy!

California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner comes out against transgender athletes competing against natural women in sports. From a messaging standpoint, it’ll be interesting to see how the woke will try to shut her down on this issue.

I’d love to read more of this discussion between David Epstein and Alex Hutchinson.

Looks like we’ll be seeing more track meets on ESPN this summer. Great news!

Five outdoor YouTube channels you haven’t heard of.

Recording two interviews and a new gear review this week. Stay tuned.

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