Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, May 4

Ever wondered what a running icon’s normal day is like? Here’s the first of a series by Billy Yang where it does just that.

Results from this weekend: Rob Krar won The Canyons 100k in 9:20(!) and made it look pretty easy (His 50k split bested the 50k winner’s CR time by 9 minutes.) Magdalena Boulet took it for the ladies (and 3rd OA) for a solid day. Not to be overlooked was Fernando De Sameniego Steta (yep, another SFRC guy) in third. Yeah, he was an hour off of Rob, but that’s a tough course and he had one helluva run. Full results here. If running 62 miles on a hot day on the hardest part of the WS course is any indicator of how he’ll do during the Big Dance in June (which it is), Rob is going to be tough to beat.

And here’s Rudy’s report. He won the free entry from URP into the race, had six days to prep for it, and finished top ten! Nice!

And on the other coast, Brian Rusiecki won the North Face Endurance Challenge on what I understand it a tough course. Full results here. Looks like quite a race for 2/3 and 4/5!

With Everest closed, there are a whole bunch of sherpas looking for work. Any ideas?

Reflection: A look back at your first hundred miler. One month later.

I’ve struggled with balance in life, so it’s guys like Jean who amaze me. Catch a late flight back home, get no sleep, say hi to the fam, hitch a ride to the start, and kick ass.

We haven’t heard from the Angry Jogger in awhile. Seems he’s in a bit of a rut and fighting his appetite, so he signed up for a 100k to kickstart his mojo.

The Beer Mile highlighted on ESPN. Oh yeah!  And here’s another “best beer cities” list that they got wrong. I don’t know why I keep linking to posts like this. Don’t click on them, please.

A new report from the North Cascades on some delicious looking trails.  I don’t recognize that white stuff though? What is that?

The LetsRun MENSA Team discusses beards on runners.

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