Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 11

IRF: No major races this past weekend, but Justin still brings all the results from the trail and ultramarathon scene.
Hot takes:
-Bev Abbs winning Lake Chabot outright. She’d 51 and keeps getting tougher.
-Not mentioned, but Zach Ornelas made a run for Jim Walmsley’s 50M record at Tunnel Hill but DNFed with stomach issues at mile 41 in 4:20 elapsed. He’ll try again soon.
-Upchuck 50k sounds interesting. Only two aid stations?

For the first time in maybe eight years, I won’t be making it to North Face Endurance Championships this weekend.
After a season of Sunny sitting on the sidelines with her busted (and recovering) arm, she is finally able to play in the final soccer game of the season and I don’t want to miss it. Of course her game is this Saturday morning.
Yes, FOMO will be in full effect. Have fun at the Deuce everyone.

The e-gaming world undertands how to dissuade cheating. Why’s it so hard for other sports to institute such a policy?

Monday Funny: Nike Publicist Prepares for Another Awesome Week at Work.

Short on time? Neel offers up a few tips on time management and ultramarathon training.

We’ve got a lot of Veterans in our community and they’re some of the best running partners out there. Experience, safety, and endless stories for the trails.
Big thanks to Veterans and their families on this holiday.

Eric Lee takes us on a 46 mile run up and around Mt. Rainier. Wow, that’s gorgeous!

Here are the top five finalists for IAAF “Male World Athlete of the Year.” And I guess this is the women’s list?

Run Spirited: Madison Hart seems to have all the ingredients for a successful career on the trails. Anxious to see what she does in 2020.

Anxious to read this new book about coaching young girls.
It’ll be fascinating to watch how or if anything changes in the future. My guess is that rec and non-elite coaches will be more aware of issues but that most elite coaches and athletes won’t change. You?

Marathon Investigations: Derek writes about why we shouldn’t always believe the headlines and/or words from influencers.

YouTube: Nick Symonds tests out a pair of Nike 4%s and cuts them open. Good info and perspective.

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