Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 13

Trail and Ultramarathon results from this past weekend, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar. Here’s what stood out for me:

  • Outstanding performance by Camille Herron. To break a record like that by such a margin is truly world class. Will this and her Comrades win help her nab the UROY?
  • Alicia Vargo’s new FKT of the single crossing Grand Canyon.  Eleven minutes off Bethany Lewis’ old record….dang!

The Shalane Effect: How supporting and mentoring other women (often her competitors) helped catapult her to victory.

Are you a PR person looking for a new gig in the endurance space? Ironman FL is looking for you.

Dr Jay Friedman writes about coronary calcification the arteries and how it effects runners. A glance at the data would suggest runners are more susceptible to a heart attack, but the good doctor explains how and why that’s not necessarily true.

Zach and Mae.

Did you catch the episode I released on Friday with Zach and Mae? If you’d ever wondered what it would be like to run a hundred miler with your spouse (and finish still married), listen up. They offer great advice on training, strategy, and what sacrifices are necessary to make it work.

Be sure to check out this link to the Transelkirks Run in Revelstoke, BC.  Five days and 100 miles with roughly the same vert as Hardrock or UTMB, but participants get to break it up with nights in a resort hotel with spas and a swim up bar. Family friendly too!

Ten running destinations in cell reception dead zones.

Latest Mountain Outhouse with JamJam.

The mental game: Six steps to making your goals your reality.

Ultimately, whether I have any talent (I’ve accepted that I do, for what it’s worth) has become irrelevant, because I can’t fu*king run. And I’d still really, really like to.

–An update with a hefty dose of self awareness from Anton. Man, I’d love to see him run competitively in a hundred miler again.

Interesting: The state of athletics coaching in the UK. I’d love to see someone write about coaching in the trail/ultramarathon space in the US. How much credit or blame should a coach get or deserve when we’re talking about our wacky sport? And how does a coach’s official qualifications and credentials affect the intended goals of their athletes? Is there a correlation?

Chris Dailey seems to have hiked or run every trail in the White Mountains. So many routes!

This Marine lost both legs in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan.  He just ran 31 marathons in 31 days.  And am I the only person who paused at the first sentence in the 3rd graf?

Great story about a Massai runner who traveled to NYC for the marathon, started in the back, and finished 17th OA.

I love this take on the beer mile: How fast can you run without spilling the two beers in your hand? Anyone know what the record is for a mile?

Great report about gritting it out during the Rio Del Lago 100 Miler.

Ten uses for a condom in the back country.

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