Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 14

Ultramarathon and Trail running weekend recap from Jeff Stern at Ultrarunning Magazine and from Justin Mock at iRunFar. Sounds like all the action was at Tunnel Hill!

In one of the most ridiculous Covid restrictions to date, Hong Kong is still trying to figure out how to regulate f’ing banana consumption at aid stations.

Meanwhile, China is not doing any better when it comes to bringing races back.

YouTube/Rafols: Malen Osa (Salomon, ESP) flies down the final few km’s at Madeira, running on nearly every terrain imaginable: Muddy singletrack, rural stairs, pavement, flat singletrack, cobblestone, city steps, dirt road, etc.

The Great Southern Endurance Run took place in Victoria, Australia over the weekend. In a bid to increase female participation, there’s a “Women of GSER” page that encourages more participation from the ladies.

Wanna work in the outdoor industry? Andrew Skurka is looking for an Assistant Program Director.

California Int’l Marathon (CIM) is coming up in just a few weeks here in Sacramento. The race has been getting more attention as a fast course over the past few years and there’s always a large contingent of MUT runners toeing the line.

I’d love to see this comprehensive report on the market forecast for kids trail running shoes, but I’m not paying $3500 to do so. Has anyone dug into it?

Trailrunner/Chase: Adam never used to run with poles, now they’re part of his daily kit. I don’t use them all the time, but anything long or with questionable terrain (sucky vision), I take advantage of the extra help.

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