Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 16

Looks like Kilian is taking on the 24 hour track world record. Details aren’t entirely clear yet from the information on this page. Will there be other runners on the track to make it an official race? When exactly is it? Does he have any chance of cracking one of the stoutest records in ultramarathon history (Yiannis’ 188 miles)? Regardless of all that, I can’t wait to watch this. Go get it, KJ. (I’ll also be following Ian’s site for up to date info and images.)

Matt Fitzgerald: When you’re fit, you’re fit.

iRunFar: Catching up with Ford Smith. He’s only 24 but has been running–and winning–ultramarathons and trail races for longer than many of us have been in the sport. Nice to see he’s focused on “real life” while still feeding his racing dreams and passion. Hope he gets that 100 mile win! (Here’s our interview with 17 year old Ford from 2004.)

Fox: Hiker gets lost in whiteout conditions on Rainier, is found, rescued, dies, and is brought back to life. Wow!

–Ever wondered if getting kids to run requires food and cheering parents and clowns and bounce houses and overly-enthusiastic hosts? I tested that theory on Saturday when I hosted a no frills fatass at the park near my house and 50 kids showed up to race a 5k/10k. They had an awesome time, pushed themselves, smiled, cheered each other, and asked when the next race will be.

Oh, 2020. Waffle House is releasing it’s first beer, it’s called “Bacon and Kegs” and you guessed it, the beer smells like bacon.

Podium Runner: Yeah, yeah, weight has nothing to do with running success and we shouldn’t worry about it. Wrong. According to this study–by all looks of it, the most comprehensive in three decades–weight is one of the three main factors that contributes to running success.

Music: One of my favorite artists from the past few years recorded a Tiny Desk concert from his home in London. It’s just raw guitar, keyboard, and Michael Kiwanuka’s incredibly soulful voice.

iRF/AJW: Confidence, constancy, and control, the three ingredients to endurance success. How do yours rank?

High school XC runner almost gets himself DQed for helping a struggling runner during the race.

Interesting: While cannabis is often used to treat nausea, there’s a fair amount of people who suffer from cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, which is the cause of nausea and gastric distress.

RunSpirited: Henry catches up with Meghan Hicks about how iRunFar is pivoting amidst the shutdown and her experience during Nolan’s 14.

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