Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Nov 16

I think this just blasted to the top of my bucket list. Reinhold Messner has created a series of museums dedicated to mountain climbing and the outdoors in the Italian Alps.  Of course, you have to hike and climb mountains to get to each one. Anyone been?

Andrew asks a great question: Who’s more worth of NatGeo’s Adventurer of the Year? Jurek or Anish?

How to run in the cold weather. Tip #1: Manpris.

Here’s Justin’s rundown of this past weekend’s ultramarathon results. Did he miss any?

Yes! Don’t let (ultra)marathon training sap your speed.

I like heat, but a stage race in the Kalahari Desert where temps hit 130 doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

Business idea: Rent-a-Raptor service where people can hire birds like this to attack and immobilize drones.

We’ve got the Pacific Crest Trail in the west, the Appalachian Trail in the East, but the Continental Divide Trail gets forgotten. What’s the FKT on it anyways?

Kieran is saying this is ultra-low mileage training, but it looks pretty good to me. Your thoughts?

Canyons 100k. Top of Devil's Thumb. Pic by me.
Canyons 100k. Top of Devil’s Thumb. Pic by me.

–Registration just opened for The Canyons 100k next May. It covers the toughest part of the Western States course, is managed flawlessly, has solid competition (Krar and Boulet this year), and a solid beer sponsor.  If you’re running WS (or pacing), you better get in on this.

If the Kenyans are involved to this extent, I’m really bummed.

See? Beer is art.

And in personal news: My race on Saturday was a major setback.  A few weeks ago, this calf issue resurfaced and I’ve been very careful not to push things.  It was tender going into Saturday, so I dropped down to the 30k and promised to take it easy, but for some reason I kept falling during the race. I rarely fall, and have run the Dipsea Trail dozens of times, but this was very strange. Not sure what was wrong with me, but the final fall I yanked the heck out the calf and called it a day.  Pulled the number from my shorts and limped 7 miles back to the start. TNF is off the table for sure. Just when I was getting back into shape, balancing running and family again, and really feeling like an athlete, I’m back on the DL.     End of pitty party. Time to heal and move forward.

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