Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 18

IRF: All the results from the trail and ultramarathon races from this weekend. Hot takes (TNF below):
-Big surprises at World Mountain Championships in Argentina. Not surprised with Joe and Jim, but like author Justin wrote, armchair quarterbacks never would have guessed some of the other fields.
-JFK Preview: Any chance we could see a husband/wife on the podium next week? Also: Nice to see Ford Smith‘s name on the list! Anxious to see how he’s doing.

Semi-Rad: How to go for a run in 22 simple steps. Just lace ’em up and go, right?

When it was all said and done, Knoblach ran 524 miles, swam 48 miles in a pool, and rode a bike 2,240 miles—finishing in 633 hours, 41 minutes, and 39 seconds. Her time was over nine hours faster than the previous record-holder, giving Knobloch a new honor to add to her list. She broke not only the women’s world record, but also beat the men’s U.S National record by more than 10 hours.

More about Laura Knoblach and how she won the double deca ultra triathlon.Wow!

Got an hour long run planned today? Flash back to this interview with 50-something phenom Ruperto Romero. One of the toughest and most humble runners in our sport, he’s got a story to tell that’ll make you like him even more.

CNBC: This article about Nike leaving Amazon got me thinking about Amazon’s impact on the running scene. Anyone have any good data on what percentage of gear/shoes is bought on Amazon vs Roadrunner vs zappos vs brick and mortar?

Fast Women: Alison digs deep into the results and issues from this past week. Hot takes:
-Letesenbet Gidey’s incredible run takes top honors as it should. From the post: “The last 10K (of 15k) of the race is net downhill, but it’s still remarkable that Gidey covered that stretch in 29:12, which is the fastest 10K ever run by a woman in any conditions.”
-While we all agree that the treatment by AlSal et al has been horrendous, that disordered eating needs to be addressed more openly, and that serious change seems to be afoot, are we supposed to believe that weight has no bearing on performance? When are we allowed to talk about weight and diet again without triggering people?
-Great commentary on Vapor Fly’s and NCAA XC. Interested to see if this was solely due to course change or if there may be a XC model in the works.
-I’m loading up Ali Feller’s interview with Phoebe Wright…anxious to hear insider talk on contracts and the biz side of T&F.

Running well means running more, right? Nope. The importance of rest and how it impacts your performance.

We’ve talked about the depth of Japanese distance running at length on these pages. Further evidence: Nearly 400 college athletes ran sub 70 at one half marathon this weekend. FOUR HUNDRED.

Treeline Journal: How to be the best crew boss. Bonus points if you can do it with a kid strapped to your back.

Beer: “Girl beer” vs “real beer” attitudes explained. Geez, people, just drink what you like and tell anyone who questions you to f right off.

Telegraph: Camille doesn’t care or make apologies for her beer choice, does she?

iRunFar’s breakdown of The North Face Championship. Hot takes:
-Addy, Abby, Abby, all in the top five. Correlation, causation?
-Hell yes YiOu. She works her butt off and really nailed this one. Here’s our interview from when she was still new to the MUT scene. Interested to hear coach Mario Fraioli’s breakdown in tomorrow’s Morning Shakeout.
-Nice to see DBo and Anthony Costales (here’s our interview, pre-ultra years) in the top ten, but I don’t know much about many of the other top fellas. After Dylan’s accident in early spring, I thought his career would be hindered…I’m glad I was wrong!
-Looks like nice weather and a good moon position resulted in very few DNFs. Always nice to see everyone make it to the finish line.
-Special shoutout to Corinne Shalvoy and Jenny Comiskey for finishing 1st and 2nd in the 50k. Kara Goucher finished third in her first ultramarathon and most media completely ignored the top of the podium. Congratulations to all three ladies.

We shared this post by Ph.D candidate Mikel Haggadone earlier this summer about how ultrarunning has made him a more resilient scientist. In this interview, Henry Howard gets to know the guy behind the dissertation.

Be sure to check out this footage of Jamil Coury chasing Sebastien Stehler on the Dipsea Trail. Incredible running and outstanding camerawork!

Outside: Fair point about how we need to stop tech-shaming (ugh, those terms) our friends who don’t recreate the same as some of us.

Everything you need to know about trail running with your pooch. This is Canicross.

TrailSisters: Burnout and how we spend our time. I’m struggling a lot with that right now, as you may have noticed I missed two days of posting the Daily News last week. Now with holidays coming? Another burner has been lit.

Drop your trash at this UK race, and you get a DNF. And wait, edible seaweed water satchets? That’s that emo band from Milwaukee, right?

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