Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 21

All the results from the trail and ultramarathon world from this past weekend. Sarah Biehl smashes Ellie Greenwood’s JFK record?!? Whoa!  And here’s Justin Mock’s (iRunFar) rundown from the weekend.

What happens if two teams tie in a XC race? This should be the method in which it’s resolved.

Track stud Eilish McColgan wants more research done on female athletes’ menstrual cycles and Malissa Rodenburg (Trailrunner Mag) writes about how hormonal contraceptives affects workouts and performance.

You stick to your ultrasignup rankings. I’ll be pouring over which apple is best. (Cosmic Crisp for me please!)

“I constantly have to remind people that they’re addressing me, but I have no knowledge of how that beer is made; I only know how to drink the beers,” said Steve. “So I have to direct them to the head brewer, the brew queen.”

-Great story about a husband and wife-led brewery in Texas.

Join Billy Yang as he runs (and eats) his way thru the Thai trail scene.

Ultrarunning Magazine: Where are the 2021 male UROYs and what have they been up to?

An open letter to the MUT community from nonbinary athletes. Trailrunner Magazine puts out some fine articles, but for this subject it’s essentially just an advocacy rag isn’t it? I’ve never seen them publish a dissenting opinion on the issue, comments are turned off, and it wasn’t posted to Twitter, negating any chance of discourse or discussion on their coverage.

Excellent essay on why and how a visually impaired hiker enjoys the outdoors. 

The saga over Camille’s 100 mile record at Jackpot Ultra deepens.

Anyone know if railbiking is a thing people can do anywhere other than Patagonia? It looks like such a great way to see backcountry, but I’d want to ensure the tracks are clear of trains, ya know?

Kevin Beck sits down with Derrick Lytle for a wide-ranging interview about sports media, training, and more. My name and this very page were mentioned a few times and I appreciate the context.

Adharanand Finn writes about running UTMB.

YouTube/Rafols: Sara Alonso picking her way down some insanely technical terrain in Madeira. A commenter on YouTube pointed out that providing strategic information to runners is against the rules. Anyone know what the actual rules are for this?

If you film someone running an ultra for long enough, chances are they’ll stop to pee at some point. Exhibit A.


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