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If you’ve been around ultramarathon running for more than a few years you know the name John Morelock and his saying Run Gently Out There. John’s recently been diagnosed with incurable cancer and the medical bills will soon be piling up.  Now would be a great time to buy his excellent book to support a member of our community and pass along decades of wisdom to someone during the holidays.

Cool infographic: Western States entrants by state/region/country.  And here are the currentprobabilities of you getting in. (Hint, they’re not good.)

Looking for more gift ideas for the ultrarunner in your life? Scott Dunlap always puts out a great list of running gear for low budgets to no budgets, and this year is no exception.  Thanks for the shoutout Scott!

Andrew Skurka continues his thorough series on ultralight camping and fastpacking gear with this post about bivy and tarping systems. I’m not much of a foul-weather camper, so I can’t wait for Spring!

Pop quiz: Which state has outdoor yoga where you’re surrounded by miniature goats? You can probably narrow it down to 2 or 3 states, right?

Weekend results from the world of ultramarathon and trail running, courtesy of Justin at IRF.

Using the trails as a way to spiritual enlightenment.

I didn’t realize Liza Howard was asthmatic. Here’s her story from running JFK.

Speaking of JFK, how incredible was Jim Walmsley’s 5:21 course record? Not content with beating Max King’s time by a few minutes, Jim shaved 14 minutes off. Strava porn right this way. And in a selfish note, I’ve been looking forward to voting in this year’s UROY, and Jim is making it a lot less fun.

More on JFK: Mike Wardian finished 4th overall, then finished it up by winning a 5k on Sunday.  Remember, this was just one week after setting the WR for his Elvis Marathon in 2:38. The week before that he was 2:33 at NYC and the weekend before that he did the Rim to Rim to Rim.  All and all, that’s 7 marathons in the last 8 weeks or so.  There are outliers, then there’s Iron Mike.

On the women’s side, Caroline Boller ran an excellent race (after a disappointing 50k in Doha where she, coincidentally, had an asthma attack), beating Megan Arboghast’s time from 2011 for the 8th fastest time ever. Impressive!

Question for comment: Why does it always seem that there’s a standout male (Scott, Roes, Anton, Tim, Rob, Jim, Kilian…), but that the women’s field feels more, for lack of a better term, equal? Of course there are exceptions (Ann, Ellie), but does anyone have a good explanation?

While all that was going on in VA, I was watching a bunch of kids take on a wed and wild regional XC meet in Folsom, CA.  My bar for parental success is pretty easy: Does she have good manners, and does she like to run in the mud?

Sunny xc

Check this out: Ian Torrence finished his 200th ultramarathon over the weekend. Here’s a full list of his races. Wow!

Five tips for staying mentally fresh when training.

Beer Mile World Championships are coming up in mid December.  (Current WR are 4:34 and 6:08.)

Or how about speedgolf? Here’s all you need to know.

With our first pregnancy, we went to birthing classes, read all the books, checked out blogs, and listened to peoples advice about what do to during contractions, in the hospital, during delivery, then when we got home. Then, when it actually happened, we forgot all of it and went with instinct. I’m assuming that’s what it’s like when you’re face to face with a grizzly bear in the wild.  Here’s a how-to guide anyhow. (And yes, I just compared childbirth to getting attacked by a 600 pound wild animal.)


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