Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 28

Justin Mock runs down all the trail and ultramarathon results from this past week including Cape Town, Dipsea, and more.

Jean Pommier has run the Dipsea trail hundreds of times...here’s his report from last week’s Quad Dipsea.

This guy is into trail running and nudism and wants to combine the two. (Flap, flap, ouch.) And of course Bob Hearn gets a mention.

There’s athletic performance, and there’s enjoying your fu*king life. Both of these pursuits are worthwhile.

-A reasonable approach to alcohol and athletic performance.

And a reasonable discussion on cannabis and trail running.

It’s cyber Monday so you’re not getting much done anyways, right? Take two hours and watch this video shot by Jeff Peletier about UTMB. Trust me, it’s fantastic. While the official race footage shows so much of the front of the pack, this shows everything else.

USATF MUT 2022 ROYs. Did ya get that?

Ultrarunning Magazine: Crucial conversations around menopause and endurance running.

An interesting Twitter discussion on what would happen if pro MUT runners boycotted prestige races until adequate prize money was offered.

What would happen if a bunch of British fellas decided to mark off and race a competitive half marathon in Heathrow Airport without bothering to ask for permission? I’m glad you asked!

YouTube: Malen Osa Crona (ESP) covering some gorgeous seaside trails in Madeira during her time trial for Golden Trail World Series.

Ha! This is so me. Same goes for old race shirts.

I wrote about the similarities between brick laying and ultramarathons a few years ago. And here’s a new article in Trailrunner about the similarities between wood working and trail running.

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