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This could very well be an allegory for your next ultramarathon. Remember it.

Jay Friedman uses an algorithm to predict the winners of The North Face 50 this weekend. What do you think of the list?

Read it: Running into a Grizzly Bear on an Alaskan trail.  I’m a solo runner, but would hesitate at going out alone during bear season–especially without bear spray.

I know I’ve had this race strategy before too: “X time or I’m gonna blow up trying!”  Here’s a great report from Brian’s quest for sub-10 hours at JFK.

Results are in for the World 100k Championships and the US ladies killed it!  Meghan Arboghast (13th), Pam Smith (12th), and Traci Falbo (16th) took a 3rd place for the US, with Megan nabbing a new age group WR (7:58 for 55-59…broke the record by 41 minutes!) for the distance. Average age of our female competitor: 47.5 years young. Wow!

On the fellas side, Patrick Reagan (new name for me) had a great day with a podium finish with Geoff Burns (another new name for me) just a few places behind in fifth.

Full results from World 100k right this way.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you know pot sales go up around the holidays?

Excellent in-depth interview with Dakota Jones from Eric Senseman at iRunFar.  Dakota is an interesting guy to interview because he’s not content with just playing the game.  He often has something to say and if he doesn’t, he’s not going to fill the air with empty chitchat…he’s perfectly content with silence or challenging a question.  Without a doubt one of my favorite guys to chat with.  Here’s our recent interview with him, and here he is from a few years ago.

Some people pierce their ear, divorce their wife, and buy a Miata in the midst of a midlife crisis. Then there are people (more like us, I assume) who drive to the Grand Canyon and run the R2R2R.  Great report!

Ever wonder how some of these people afford to go on expeditions and adventures around the world. Here’s a comprehensive guide (though it’s targeted to UK audience) for how to get sponsorships for your next expedition.

Study finds higher risk of injuries for people who specialize in just one sport.  What’s your favorite cross training activity?

If you’re a WSJ subscriber, you can read this story about a lady who started running in her 70s and hasn’t stopped.

The changing gender roles in our society has led to more equal alcohol-consumption parity. Yay!  But also to more equality in alcohol-related health problems for the ladies. Boo!

Many of you will love this. Others will be bored by it: A very thorough look at how biological, psychological, and social systems affect our speed and endurance, and what we can do to get better.


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