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Run Spirited: The twenty most inspirational trail and ultramarathon runners of 2020. Any other nominations?

We had John Andersen on the show a few years ago to talk about his run at Grindstone and to hear what it’s like owning and operating a specialty run store. Here’s his recent report from the Barkley Fall Classic from this year. John also writes about losing his business to the shutdown and how the MUT community rallied around him.

Kilian’s 24 hour World Record attempt ended early at around the 11th hour after experiencing chest pains. Sounds he’s doing well and may consider another attempt (if and when Salomon releases a new shoe, I suppose.)

Yiannis Kouros wasn’t too impressed and accused KJ (though not technically by name) of shoe doping.

RW: She grew up in a family of elite athletes, rebelled against sports, then came back to the fold. Now Heather Knight Pech is kicking all sorts of ass at age 58.

If you’re spending “Cyber Monday” shopping for gifts, please remember to visit your local run specialty store, be it online or in person. You’ve still got plenty of time to place orders and will help them stay in business!

All of a sudden, another runner had now come into the aid station. Damn it! I was now angry and the negative self-talk exploded. Here it was happening again. I was getting passed towards the end of a race, because I had failed to be disciplined and take care of myself. But rather than be defeated and sulk, I hopped out of the chair ready to go.

Excellent report from Ryne’s Pinhoti 100. Full of ups and downs (both figurative and literal) all in a quest to avenge his previous run at the storied race. Great read.

Found this on the trailhead by my house on Thanksgiving.
Some sort of social statement or just someone mad that they lost a CR?

Ross Tucker (Science of Sport): Gender games and the complex issues of sports categories, looked at from an angle of logical and intellectual consistency. I’d love to see a smart and respectful response to his arguments/positions that don’t devolve into name calling.

Last year I had Guillaume Arthus on the show to talk about some of the creative trail events he was running in Europe. One I particular stood out to me (and many of you) and that was the Escape from Meridien where runners start at one location and have 24 hours to get as far away from that point as possible in any direction. I loved the format and now…a similar format is taking place in Tennessee in May. So stoked to see how this goes!

IRF/Mock: Catching up with Kristina Pattison and leading a life really really full of adventure and accomplishments.

Eliud Kipchoge takes a selfie video of the track he trains on. Now compare it to the fancy tartan or mondo track at your local JC or college.

“But in every pile of sh*t there are always some fully intact berries.”

–Stephanie Case has gone from an exciting (?) life wearing a blast vest in war zones to being locked down in France with no pants and going stir crazy. Everyone is handling the Rona differently and learning their own lessons…here’s her perspective on staying positive.

Steeplechase champ Paul Kipsiele Koech gets so, so close to transitioning to MUT running! Upping his distance, running mountains, xc….come on, someone push him over the edge please!

Didya watch the Tyson fight on Saturday? How incredible was that?!? I loved seeing Mike and RJJ show what they’ve got in their 50s, but it also really highlighted the uniqueness of running (specifically ultrarunning) where you have runners like Browning, Hearn, Boulet, Romero, Semick, Meltzer, etc competing against the younguns in direct competition.

Interviewing Sarah Biehl this evening and I’m looking forward to it. She’s an Olympics Trial Qualifier (marathon) from Ohio who just made her jump into ultras with a 5th place at JFK. Anxious to learn more about her story. Gear Guy Ben also has a ton of products to chat about…Stay tuned.

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