Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 4

Mountain Outhouse: Javelina and 24 World Champ results; New FKTs around the country; See JamJam at TRE, and more.

Treeline Journal: Chase drills down into UROY data and maps out which states have the strongest runners. Trigger warning for Beast Coasters.

Bummed I missed YETI this year. Here’s a great video that shows the race and the overall scene.

With Walt Handloser‘s finish at Pinhoti 100 yesterday, he became the new World Record holder for the most hundreds run in one year. Forty Two finishes in 2019!!! Congratulations Walt!

IRF/Justin Mock: All the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend. Hot takes:
Suzanna Bon at Pinhoti! Wow!
-Erika Hoagland’s new CR at Rio Del Lago!
-Sending good thoughts to Justin’s pooch Elly.
-Ultra Trail Mount Siguniang sounds crazy.
-Missing from the list: Sunny finished 3rd OA at a hilly 5k yesterday and won a five pound apple pie. Scooooore! We ate it all. 😉

JSTOR: Academic essay about marathoning that covers how the “why” has changed amongst participants, the issues of gender participation, and how technological advancements have changed the sport.

You’ve heard me talk about Mendocino 50k for years. Small, intimate, superb directing, and a course that winds its way through the unbelievable gorgeous redwood forests on the California coast. Registration opened on Saturday and sold out in less than 25 minutes…whew! (I’m in!)

Fast Women: Alison covers women’s results (BYU girls five in top seven at XC!?!) but also digs into the lousy race marathon coverage. I agree with her sentiments…could you imagine watching a basketball game where the coverage cuts away every two minutes to show some sort of backstory? Also, can we figure out a way to time the mens and women’s races so we can see the top women finish, get a quick interview, but also see the end of the men’s race? So frustrating.

Pam Smith’s report from World 24 Champs in France. Great inside look at how “The Dream Team” performed so well.

CTS/Koop: OK, so now you’ve got your poles. How do you use them efficiently?

BBC: A lot of former NOP athletes just took a big guuuuulp.

Skurka: How to backpack. Excellent info for beginners, but a good refresher for those of us who’ve spent many a night outdoors.

Underreported from NYC Marathon: Abdi Abdirahman, 42, broke the US masters record with a 2:11:34 to finish 9th overall. Daaaaang.

Food and Wine: For those who think it’s strange that Trappist Monks make deliciously crafted beer, here’s some more news: Some nuns are making shampoo out of the beer and selling it.

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