Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Nov 7

Ultramarathon Weekend Recap: All the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend, courtesy of Jeff Stern at Ultraunning Magazine.

Garmin analyzed the data of SOS calls on their In-Reach devices and the “who and why” breakdown is pretty interesting.

Allie Mac leads Team USA to Gold at the World Mountain Running Championships.

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Riley Brady about the Golden Ticket win at Javelina and what it means to be a nonbinary runner.

Heather Jackson completed the Kona Ironman last month. Two weeks later, she took on a 100 mile gravel bike race, then one week after that ran her first ultramarathon at Javelina. Here’s her amazing story, complete with all the stoke and infections enthusiasm you’d expect.

A list of the most drug-tested professional runners in 2022.

Morgan finds out what happens when he returns to racing a little bit too early following a calf injury. He makes the best of it at Sticks n Stones 53k and turns it into a learning/motivation moment.

Video: Remi Bonnet cruising down some technical single track at the Golden Trail World Series in Madeira, Portugal.

The NB podium at the NYC Marathon yesterday consisted of three men, the fastest of which ran a 2:45, putting him just behind the 23rd place female and 170th place man. He took home $5k. Can someone please explain why this race category exists?

Roche: Good essay about his wife Megan’s battle with an autoimmune disorder, how it affected her pregnancy, and what all this means for their new son.

Great read from Trailrunner Mag: What happens when your identity is wrapped up in running and you suddenly aren’t a runner anymore?

Zach Bitter interviews his wife Nicole Bitter about her third place finish at Javelina and the role of gender and sex categories in sports.

Collegiate runner bandits a HS XC Championship race, comes in second, and is immediately DQed. Kind of a di*k move for him to run it in the first place, right?

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