Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Nov 9

Great hybrid shoe review by Ian Corless. My faves from this list are The North Face Ultra Cardiac.

This should be huge news, and those who follow this stuff closely have been saying it for some time: The main problem is with the individual country’s federations and how they handle doping.  And here’s a prime example. The Russian Federation has paid off the IAAF Director to cover up doping claims from London. More here and here. And here’s what Seb Coe needs to do to rectify the situation.  There’ll be a live feed right here.

Running all 153 mile of Spartathlon while blind.  Good on ya, Brandon Stapanowich for helping out a fellow runner and friend.

Are you recovering too much?

Very interesting and honest look at what it’s like being a sponsored athlete in the new media age. Though the article is targeted towards climbers, I suspect there are many similarities, as it all comes down to this question: How does one gain influence? Anyone care to opine?

I love hanging with my dog Carlos and I can tolerate yoga, but I’m not combining both activities.

Some weekend results from ultramarathons around the world. I’ll add that Sage Canaday threw down a 1:06 half marathon at Big Sur over the weekend. That’s a 5:04 pace, and it seems  he’s well on his way to grabbing another Oly qualifier in December. Nice!

…speaking of hundreds, I was out running yesterday morning on the RDL course during the race from about mile 97 back to 85 (around 5am in these shorts if you were there), then back towards the finish. Saw most of the mid and back-mid pack runners.  My main takeaways:

  • I talked with a runner who’s voice had failed him and he sounded like a mix between Kermit the Frog and Yoda. Frustrating for him, but hilarious for me.
  • Too many runners (and pacers) allow negative thoughts to pervade their head, complaining about the course, their legs, food, etc. Focus on the positive!
  • Course markings looked great. Not too few, not too many.
  • Not enough people smile. Take Krissy Moehl’s advice and force a smile…you’ll feel better for it.

Interested in trekking poles for your next ultra or Euro halloween costume? Ethan tries out some of the top models here and picks his favorite.

You don’t want a hip injury. Here’s how to avoid them.

Ever had, or been tempted to get a cortisone injection? Here’s what you need to know. My dad (also a runner) had one for his Morton’s neuroma and it messed him up for a good year. Be careful.

It’s lottery season! What are you hoping for?

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“My 100k should take about 10 hours, but my GPS only has an 8 hour batter life. Uh-oh.” Last week Skurka wrote about which GPS watches last the longest. Here he discusses how to extend the battery life on your watch.

I know that Alfredo Pedro was a hugely inspiring runner, friend, and member of the ultramarathon community in Chicago. Unfortunately he lost his battle with ALS over the weekend.

I like the headline: Sure, runners are fit, but do we actually have any skills?

Mr Trail Safety writes a report about Ray Miller 50k in a way that only he can.

Marathon news: Why does Alana Hadley keep dropping out of races? I feel bad for that girl, but she could always just go with this idea.

Site news: Likely no Daily News tomorrow. Construction yadda-yadda.

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