Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Oct 17

Ultramarathon Daily News, Monday, Oct 17

Step one to becoming a successful professional ultramarathon and trail runner: Have the balls to quit your real job.

Jade and Nick run (and both win) the Twin Peaks 50/50 and interview each other about their performances.  (And if you haven’t listened to that interview with Nick, do yourself a favor and check it out.  An oldie but goodie.)

Read this: Sarah Overpeck ran her first ultramarathon at the Hennepin Hundred 50 miler in Illinois and won the damn thing. Overall. Chicks and dudes. New course record.  Here’s her awesome story.

Sunday with my daughter:

My daughter Sunny, 7.
Sunny, age 7.

Definitely take a few minutes and read Sabrina’s latest post about a race and her injury.  I think it’s time we have her on the show again.

Results from the USATF trail half marathon champs in Washington.  Andy Wacker turned in another dominating performance (besting 2nd place by 2 minutes), but I’ll be keeping my eye on Jared Bassett. That dude is fast and with a few more longer races will be crazy fast in 50ks.  Ladies race was won by first-time trail runner Renee Metivier.

Another someone I’ll be watching internationally is Jasmin Paris.  Check out what she’s done to the FKTs in the UK in the past few months.

–>>Again, #cleansport means nothing–nothing–if there are still TUEs.  Read this.  We can scream and yell about testing all we want, but it doesn’t matter if some athletes are allowed to use banned substances legally while other are not.

Justin/IRF’s weekend ultramarathon and trail results.

At the start of the Grand Union Canal Race 145 miler, he was in DFL.  Richard hiked the entire race and finished in the front half of the finishers.

Ed Whitlock runs a 3:56 marathon…at age 85.

…meanwhile, Cal Neff runs a 2:31 while pushing his 4yo in a stroller for a new World Record.

Ever been driving down a sketchy mountain dirt road and thought “what would I do if my car got stuck out here?”  Read this and remember some of the lessons.

I got my swag bag for the Ginger Runner Virtual Race this weekend. Yowee! Lots of fun stuff in there, and I’m ready to rock.

I just assumed the pickle juice trend was a US thing that would be over quickly. Apparently not.

Just a thought: I get the feeling from talking to non-runners that they believe we hate the rain and have a miserable time when it’s wet out.  From my two rain runs this weekend, nothing could be further from the truth.  100% smileage from everyone I saw.

While everyone else in the trail ultramarathon universe was busy applying for Hardrock 100, I was captivated watching this guy take a bong hit of a Caroline Reaper pepper.  (Hardrock looks pretty simple afterwards.)

Running your first trail ultramarathon? A few thoughts.

Pam Smith’s excellent Spartathlon race report.  I had no idea the race was such a bargain. Sign me up!

Interesting: New York Road Runners (the folks who put on the NYC Marathon) are extending their doping tests to smaller local races too.

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