Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Oct 10

Justin’s comprehensive list of ultramarathon/trail results from the past week.

Did you catch our latest podcast with elite trail runner and skimo champ Meredith Edwards?  Check out her instagram page, watch her dance, and hold on tight, she’s got a ton of energy and is living a pretty awesome life right now.  Expect to see her on the podium of 2017s steepest races.

Kenya had the top four men and women at the Chicago Marathon. Superior genes, expert training and culture, or something else?

Last year, Altra was the official shoe sponsor, this year (and for the next three), the company is the title sponsor for Western States.   What impact does that have on you? Could you name the title sponsor before Altra?  I’m sure they’ve done their ROI studies, but I just don’t see the draw. Congrats on a new partnership, nonetheless!

The Six Foot Track Marathon is a big deal in Australia. Though technically an ultramarathon, the trail race appeals to a large swath of runners and gaining entry has been tough recently.  Here are a few of the changes the committee just instituted to make it fair.  Full report here.  What do you think of the list below?

  • There’s a lottery, but the following exceptions are given entry:
    • Past winners.
    • Top ten from last year.
    • Sweeps for the following year.
    • 3rd time’s a charm.
    • Those that contribute $1,000 AUS.

Not a run, but this ultramarathon swim is outstanding. She swam for 56 hours straight (no stopping!) to cover a record 82 miles across Lake Powell.

…meanwhile, this Aussie gal just swam the English Channel for a record 19th time.

Part three of how to sh!t in the woods, including a delightful explanation about using a snowball to wipe.

Warrior Dash structure collapses during race, injuring participants.

Luke shares a great photo essay of the high elevation trails in Great Basin National Park.

…and this photo essay of Denali (from a tourists perspective) really makes me want to check it out.

One of those great, positive moments in high school XC that shows a combination of quality parenting, coaching, and character.

Stubborn cyclists and drivers: I don’t want to die, and you don’t want to hurt me.

I missed it, but apparently the Ironman World Champs in Kona were pretty awesome this weekend.  Did you see it?

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