Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Oct 19

Two guys are vying to be the best mountain climbers in the world. One of them is named Kilian. Meet the other.

Speaking of mountains, this’ll be the first year in 41 years that no one will have stood atop Everest.

Some ultramarathon and trail results from this past weekend, compiled by Justin.

Did you hear the latest podcast with Mike Foote? Wow! Six hundred miles through some of the most incredible landscape in the country. Definitely check out those pics!

…in that episode, I mentioned to Sarah that I’m having a problem with dehydration.  I shoulda mentioned that I’m sweating like crazy when I run, and that’s something new.  I’m not crowdsourcing medical advice, but has anyone experienced similar symptoms?

Deena Kastor’s (I still want to say Drossin) ten tips to being awesome.

Football teams and fraternities get away with murder, while a collegiate XC team’s plan to run around naked gets them all suspended. Lame.

Check out this hundred miler in Russia. Kitschy video with the “movie announcer guy” narrating is awesome.


Nine assumptions and confessions about being a runner. Can I add a few about ultra and trail running?

Assumption: We’ve all run Western States.

       Confession: Some of us like to watch it and focus on other races.

Assumption: Racing anything less than 26.2 miles is “easy” and “boring.”

Confession: Hardly.  Anything less than 26.2 is horrifying and leaves me feeling like I just   got beat up.

Are there correlations between training for a race and schooling? Intriguing essay by one of my favorite bloggers.

Hate to be negative, but I continue to hear nothing but bad news about UROC and how the organizers treated not only the volunteers, but the trail as well. Sure hope they get back to where they were a few years ago and are able to refocus on the true nature of our sport.

Another podcast coming this week with a top female who has the potential to shake up the women’s field in a major way. Stay tuned.

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