Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Oct 2

Ultramarathon, trail, and OCR results from this week, courtesy of Justin Mock’s at iRunFar. Standouts for me were Bear 100, Freriks’ new GC FKT, and though not mentioned, Allie O’s awesome win at XC’s Louisville Classic.

If you don’t know Tom Green’s influence on ultra marathons, read up here. After a tragic accident last year, he’s back on the trails inspiring the crap out of everyone. I’ve got a great video of him finishing The YETI 100 this past weekend, but can’t seem to get the ‘puter working this morning.

Race report from Caroline Boller’s Tamalpa 50k win. The same one where she ruptured her plantar fascia halfway through the race. Caroline needs to find a way to add “tough” to her site name.

Welcome to the twenty tens (is that what we’re calling this decade?)  Based on a lawsuit based on video game with Usain Bolt, Gatorade agrees to stop talking sh*t about water and pay a $300k fine.  Wait, what?

The seven worst things endurance athletes can do after a run. I do most of them. Dammit.

Volunteering is volunteering. “Requirements” to volunteer is not a thing and it’s disingenuous to consider it “giving back.” While I understand and appreciate the authors underlying point that  MUT runners play a unique role in taking care of our playground, we can’t pretend that everyone does it out of pure good will for our sport. The point of my frustration, I’m not sure. Maybe just that I wish we were swinging back to a more egalitarian time in the sport or weren’t unnecessarily patting ourselves on our backs.  What do you think?


Learn it, know it, live it: The seven pillars of running wisdom.

Angry Jogger: Nine signs you’re a burned out runner and how to cope. Here’s how we addressed the subject earlier the year.

Panic! People are “obsessed” with getting in shape and listening to the wrong people. Protect your children!

I knew it was coming, just didn’t know when! Second to last graf. Do it!

Again, the “money motivates people to cheat” idea is proven false: Amateur cyclist busted for moto-doping.

Interesting: How crayfish are helping Czech brewers with quality control.

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