Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Oct 21

IRF/Mock: All the ultramarathon and trail running results from this past weekend. Remember when Sabrina Stanley (interview) said she was going to go ahead and win Diagonale des Fous? Well, she did. I looooove her drive and gusto! Also, a slop fest in Mexico led by Dani Moreno (interview), and Addie Bracy is looking ready for North Face next month.

Big’s Backyard Update: Four runners remain on the course, two men, two women. Here’s a live tracker. Gooooo Maggie!

It’s hard, and we don’t always succeed. But if you understand the true nature of repetition, if you can see what’s going on beneath the surface, then maybe there’s not really any such thing as failure.

–If you want to go on a deep thinking dive about boredom, the virtues of repetitive behavior, and how Kierkegaard factors into ultramarathons, check out this piece by Tim Gorichanaz.

On Friday I mentioned that Jason Wooden had caught a fish during Moab 240, but didn’t have any additional details. Luckily, he filled us in with the story in the comments section.

Race Report: The Queen writes about her run (and win) at Folsom Lake Ultra Trail. I ran a portion of the race a few years ago and really need to go back…love the distance!

Physiology: If I’m reading this abstract right, we need to be drinking potato water during our long runs.

Treeline Journal: The importance of getting kids outside.

Cycling: We’re living in a crazy time. I sure hope we can find some common sense soon or womens sports will be gone forever.

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