Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Oct 26

Scott Dunlap’s report from the USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships includes a long list of ultrarunners, some beer, pot, and of course, great pics.

Crash course in ultrarunning.

Bunions 101.  Have you had experience with them?

Protein-enhanced recovery beer? Yes please.

Speaking of beer (and trails!), Lake Tahoe just got even more awesome.

We came into mile 61 in the dark. I expected to feel worse. I thought I might have a dreadful feeling about going into the night. But I was excited. This is what makes 100’s different. You run through the night. This is where it gets interesting and hard and you test your limits.

Report from a first time hundred miler.

Ultramarathon results from this weekend, including Camille Herron‘s incredible 50M championship.

Want to run on island in New York? Here are your four best options.

UTMB has a new points system that’s got some people worked up. I could never figure out the old one.

John shared his first ultramarathon story with us a few months ago right here.  And here he is on this podcast with more info.

Magness reminds us to be weary of which studies we believe and how the conclusions were drawn.

Anyone ever tried intermittent fasting? Did you do so while training? What were the results?

The inaugural Marathon of Afghanistan looks like it was all women.

On bouncing back.  Not after an injury, but after your life is turned upside down.  The “when your house is your office” is particularly relatable right now.

If you’re bouncing back from injury, have you had luck with the elliptical like Leslie here?  I’ve never found it to be much of a workout. Was I doing it wrong?

I know who I won’t be inviting to the next Beer Mile.


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