Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Oct 28

IRF/Mock: Justin Mock runs down all the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. My hot takes:
-Camille Herron continues to take down road ultramarathon records. Besting the 24hr WR by eight miles is pretty spectacular.
-Annapurna Trail Marathon in Nepal looked pretty promising with Davide Magnini keeping up with Kilian on the ascent, but was unceremoniously dropped on the way down.
-Javelina winners Kaci Lickteig and Pat Reagan…two or my favorite runners and both excellent ambassadors for this ridiculous sport.

Business Insider: “Wellness Influencer” tells people that shampoo, store receipts, and shower curtains are making them fat.
Please stop listening to these people.

Looking for gift ideas? Here’s a thread with a ton of great MUT book suggestions.

WA Trails Assn: Heading off on a big adventure? Learn how to read the clouds to ensure you stay safe in the great outdoors.

Treeline Journal: What running means to mothers. Good insight. Have you subscribed to their page yet?

Sonoma County is on fire again and winds tomorrow are supposed to be fierce. Here’s an interview Sarah and I did two years ago with Chris Jones about running hundreds and fighting fires in the area.

Fast Women (link fixed): Alison Wade covers all the results from Camille to Maggie to the IAU’s decision to allow Sinead Kane to use a sighted guide at the 24 hour championships. Though I consider myself supportive of the blind and visually impaired running community, I think this decision crosses the line. Running with a guide simply provides too much of an advantage over sighted runners.

FKT: Jenny Hoffman takes a DNF at her trans-con attempt after 42 days.

Had an interview planned for today, but picked up the cold from the kids and my voice is gone. Hopefully better by midweek. Thanks for the patience.

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