Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Oct 3

All the trail and ultramarathon results from around the world, courtesy of Justin Mock at iRunFar.  Lots of Euro races and a good spattering of classic domestic events. Highlight for me? Dude taking a wrong turn at the Spartathlon, running an extra 7k, and still winning with the 3rd fastest time ever.

And in the Ultra Weekend Recap, Jeff Stern digs into the domestic results and highlights a bit more. Sounds like some fun races!  Man, Jennifer Lichter is on fire right now!

A good case for Kipchoge being the best athlete alive.

Fun look back at Anton’s training blog from October, 2010.

Urban Oasis: A love letter to trail running in San Francisco.  Cool film!  See, it’s not all hobos and needles!

Haha, guilty as charged. We all know and love this weather. (Though it’s still in the low 90s in Sacrament.)

Short news day today. What’d I miss?

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