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Ever seen an ultramarathon race report rap before? Behold…and hey, not bad! Certainly entertaining!

Sarah writes something about survival…safety…first aid…ankle injuries…listening…I just keep getting distracted by the gorgeous pictures of the trails in Telluride Colorado. Wow!

This tough Montanan used some rudimentary first aid and survival skills to survive a horrendous Grizzly Bear attack.  What a story!

Big surprise: Ultramarathon TransCon dude Robert Young faked his run.  Full  report can be found here.  Kudos to SKINS for stepping up and protecting the integrity of their roster.

I’m assuming that Michael Versteeg will document his upcoming FKT attempt of the 800 mile Arizona Trail a bit better.  Sounds like an incredible run.

Justin/IRF’s ultramarathon and trail results from the weekend.  Nice job Katy and Pam!

What discontinued gear do you wish was still being made? Ahem, Brooks Green Silence.  You?

Do you use ankle or knee braces to help prevent injuries?  Here’s an argument for doing so.

Planning a backcountry run/trek/hike/fastpack in the Sierra Nevada wilderness? Here’s some help navigating the permitting process.

Results from the IPA and Fall Beer Festival at my house this past weekend:  Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine beat out Heady Topper and Pliny in the IPA category, with Dogfish Head taking the win for pumpkin ales. (I agreed with the former, and though Dogfish was a solid beer, I don’t think it was the best.)

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