Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Oct 5

Sick and tired of the gun control debate getting all the attention, Jason decided to publish an update to his Ultramarathon National Rankings. I love the idea. What do you think?

I guess Pat Sweeney hasn’t an epic-enough year. Now he’ll run Chicago Marathon, then keep going until he shows up at the starting line of the NYC Marathon.

Justin’s Week in Review. What smaller races weren’t included?

Mike and Mike are posting some incredible stories from their Crown Traverse adventure. Hope to hear more when they’re all done and rested.

Here’s a video of a fully self-supported 184 mile ultramarathon in Kent, UK that looks like a great mix of urban and trail running. Anyone done it?

When you’re crewing for your husband and he DNFs…but ack! Change that font color!

Is the Wild West dead? Leor certainly doesn’t think so. Dang! Look at those pics!

A midpacker report from the Ultra Trail du Hurricana. Bear poop, quick sand, and cutoffs all included.

Nepalese runner wins Mt Everest Trail Marathon five months after devastating quake.

Speaking of Nepal, Mira Rai’s rise in ultramarathons and trail running has been amazing, but the story of her childhood and message is even better.

This guy has had a pretty awesome life of adventure. Now he’d RDing races in Hong Kong and publishing AsiaTrail, one of the best mags out there. (Can’t remember who sent them to me, but thanks!)

What happens when your glasses fog up from the humidity and typhoons on the start line and your race is on notoriously technical Mt Fuji?  Bronco Billy can handle it.

I’ve done my share of back country running, but have never taken a PLB or sat phone.  Skurka dishes the pros and cons of each right here.

What is your fitness age, and is it a good predictor of lifespan?

Victory Sportdesign puts together an elite team of ultra/trail runners with some of the most fun and exciting (not to mention media savvy) runners on the west coast.

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