Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Oct 9

All the results from the trail and ultramarathon world over the weekend, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar. Big standouts for me were Avery Collins’ win at Grindstone, Liza’s win at Tussey Mountainback, and the 19yo who beat Tayte Pollman in a Sky Race. I’ll add one more race to the mix: The Bay Ridge Endurance Run (formerly Dick Collins 50) in Oakland. Results here. Solid work by Alexander Kramer and Devon Yanko (2nd OA) for the 50M wins. 

Dude loses his sh$t over a “cyber bully” on Strava who dared to take his KOMs.

I’m not entirely sure who this is supposed to benefit, but I love the idea: Run with a researcher from the University of Oregon. Looks like some pretty interesting people!

There have been moments in many of the longer more difficult voyages I’ve been on  where I decide I am throwing in the towel, giving up running and all the dreams that go along with it. It’s as if my brain cannot handle it anymore and so it must give up entirely. I made my plodding way to highway 89, set down my pack and stuck out my thumb, I was done.

–After a tough UTMB, Ryan Ghelfi set his sites on the Tahoe Rim Trail unsupported FKT. Here’s the report from his adventure.

And how to cope with post-adventure blues, no matter how they turned out.

Guy has heart attack at Portland Marathon and is helped by good person.

When you run 105 miles to your 100 mile race and set a course record. No, like, he ran 105 miles to his race and won.

Watch this: Follow along with 40 something dad Jamie as he prepares and runs Hellgate 100k.

Next trailrunning destination: Iceland. Check out this cool video Bill made of his recent trip.

Fishing and trail running? Of course they go together!

What scientists are learning from climbers about how we focus and make decision and what happens when we lose that focus.

The problem with yoga culture. She’s got some interesting points about how a practice has turned into a culture that’s disconnected from its intended purpose.

Galen Rupp won the Chicago Marathon yesterday while he and his coach are under investigation for USADA violations. Jordan Hasay finished on the podium with the 2nd fastest American marathon ever.

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