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Courtney’s notes from her recent Collegiate Loop FKT.

IRF/Mock: Justin dissects the results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail races.

Catching up with Frank Shorter, fifty years after starting the modern day “running boom.”

Snapchat is all set to release augmented reality running glasses that’ll show pace, distance, etc and allow virtual “races” in real time. Article says they won’t be out for 5-10 years, but I’m guessing we’ll see something similar a lot sooner.

Allie O’s skillset deepens. 

Well this is certainly interesting. Sounds like the permitting agencies are worried that the “regular” Barkley will grow at the same pace the Barkley Fall Classic has and they won’t allow that to happen. More interesting to me is that this State Representative is leveraging the trail running community to help bring attention to the issue.

While I hesitate to call snooker a “sport”, this guy is balancing marathon training, family, and his job as a professional snooker player.

Trailrunner Mag: Can we talk about the new trend of bright, oversized sunglasses?

I figured that the “Best Beer Towns” ranking would align more with trail running meccas. Some overlap, but less than I thought.

Ryan Van Duzer ran the Burning Man 50k again this year and it looks like a blast. Here’s the footage. 

As Apple puts it, this is the first true adventure watch — but it’s not. Instead, it’s a collection of features that brands like Garmin, Polar, and Coros have had for years. Sure, it’s remarkable for a proper smartwatch, but as a runner with a beloved GPS watch, the Apple Watch Ultra still makes no sense to me.

Review of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

What was UTMB’s impact on media? Bigger than years past? All the data and analyses right this way.

Question/Advice: Can anyone offer any guidance on how to get a runner (in this case, my 13yo daughter Sunny) to keep her head on straight while running. When she gets fatigued, her head cocks to one side pretty dramatically. Her coaches tell her mid-race to straighten it out, but I’d love to be able to offer her more advice and I’m stuck. Have you seen this before? Dealt with it successfully maybe? Thanks for any help.

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