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Why don’t more elites post their training online? This article hits on some of the obvious reasons (recon by competitors, time involved, tech), but leaves out a reason that seems obvious: Privacy.  Road, track, and ultramarathon elites don’t want all of their Strava followers knowing where they live and what routes they normally take.

An infographic that shows that Kilian’s footstrike is better than yours.

What the world’s healthiest diets have in common.  Key takeaway: It doesn’t matter, as long as the people are active.

Read this: Sarah pulled out ten fantastic tips for training and racing ultramarathons from the Tim Tollefson interview and expanded on them here.  

ultramarathon trail pic
Tahoe Rim Trail above Heavenly. Saturday morning.

What was just a few years ago a weird activity without much support or respect from the ultramarathon/trail crowd, obstacle course racing seems to have found its niche.  Ultra folks compete in OCRs (Max King), and OCR champs run ultra trail races (Amelia Boone Interview.)  Here’s a new film about the rise of the OCR scene (with Morgan Spurlock, Amelia, Laird Hamilton, and more.)  Gotta pay for it, but if you’re interested in the events, it just may be worth the price of a burger and beer to check it out.

Exercise works better if you believe it will.  Well, duh. If you’re working out and you don’t believe it’s helping, you’re probably not putting too much into it.  What am I missing here?

And here’s another study: The biomechanics and physiology of uphill and downhill running.  Have fun reading it…I’ll be out on a run.

So the settlement didn’t include lifetime entries into the race?

Monday Funny: Facebook mistake causes users to be introduced to new ideas in their newsfeed.

It’s Monday Morning. Here are twenty brutal truths to start the week.  I’ll add a few ultramarathon truths:

  • If you can’t handle the training, you can’t handle the race.
  • Puking always helps.
  • If you don’t stop and get the crap out of your shoe now, it’s going to keep bothering you.
  • You will feel better, and you will feel worse.

Eight beer accessories everyone needs.  No URP koozie?!?

Do you have a rule about how long you beat yourself up over a bad race? Consider the 20-minute rule. (And do DNF’s apply too?)

Speaking of DNFs, the Angry Jogger tells his recent DNF story in a very colorful way.

New podcast dropping either today or tomorrow.  Want to know how to transition from a 50k to winning Leadville? (Hint: Tsunami evacuation towers and cake frosting are involved.)

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