Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Sep 14

Do you fitness tweet? Find out which state’s citizens tweet the most about their workouts–and which type of sports they favor.  Looks like ultramarathon was either lumped in with marathons, or it’s actually below barre and zumba.

Has anyone tried these shoe lights? My first thought is that I’d get in a dizzy trance from the movement of my feet.

Do you have a low resting heart rate? Yeah, you’re destined for a life of crime.

The Angry Jogger finishes a 50k in a personal best after convincing himself he’s actually only running two 14k, an 8k, and another 14k.  Beware of salty, salty language.

Beer syrup.  Hmmm.  Sounds bizarre, but I can definitely imagine a stout syrup on pancakes. What other uses?

Speaking of beer, I learned a new term for it (from Jamie Frink) while hanging out at an aid station on Saturday: Crew Gu.

What makes the SFRC crew so fast? There was a USATF XC race in Golden Gate Park this weekend, and a bunch of ultra-folks showed up. ReportYiOu Wang walked away for the Women’s win.  For Chris DeNucci (2nd at Gorge Waterfalls 100k), it was his first ever XC race.  Dylan Bowman was the big surprise – ran 21 low on the 4 mile course, finished just ahead of Jorge Maravilla, and almost ahead of Alex Varner.  Galen Burrell and Nathan Yanko were 4th and 5th men on their team.  The race was won by Scott Bauhs, (non ultra dude, but former national xc champion and 27:4x 10k who I ran into at TNF last year.)  Can’t find full results. h/t to Gary for his report.

Magness digs deep into the motives and reasons for cheating, then analyzes different methods to help curb it: Is it a fight we can’t win?  Very good read.

As someone who believes in limited government, this type of thing makes my head explode. As a commentator on this sport, I say leave us (and MUT coaches) alone.

Justin reviews the results from this weekend. Tahoe200 is still going on, as is Tor des Geants.  Check out Tahoe’s live tracking.  Well done!  And if you missed Nick Hollon’s TDG interview from a few years ago, give it a listen here. It’s insane.

Apparently not everyone in Maine likes Jurek, especially this woman.

Spartan Race World Championships heading to Squaw Valley in October.  I’ve never been to an OCR, but may bounce up there to check it out.

Personal news, I added a few races to my calendar. Check them out over in the right hand column under “where to find us.”  See you on the trails!


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