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Last year, Sania Sorokin broke Yiannis Kouros’ unbreakable 24 hour record. This past weekend, he blew away that record by adding another six miles to the World Record. Yep, 198.5 miles (that’s 7:15 pace!) in 24 hours. I know it’s legit but still find it difficult to believe or comprehend.

At that same event, Patrycja Bereznowska took the win for the women with 159 miles.

More results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail running races right here.

Wow! Check out this HK-based running club where deaf runners guide blind runners at races.

ultrarunning Magazine: Sometimes life gets in the way of running.

The risks are numerous; rising tide, fog, quicksand mud, getting lost… and also nowadays, incoming ordnance: did I mention that it’s a firing range?

–No, this isn’t one of Laz’s new creations. The Broomway is a trail on the North Sea that’s claimed 100 lives.

They’re cool looking shoes, but trail shoes? I don’t think so.

The Atlantic usually prints pretty good writing, but this latest piece of batshittery is really just awful. In it, the author argues–with the help of a sociologist of course–that all sex segregations in sports should be dropped. This proposal would undoubtedly lead to the end of women’s participation in sports and seems to completely ignore Title IX.  And great, it looks like she is on contract to write a book about running! Let me guess guess, she’ll focus on outliers like Courtney to paint broad generalizations about women. My question for the “transwomen are women” crowd: Do you support this? And if not, why not? Steve Magness has a good Twitter thread about the article here.

I wish everyone attempting a big FKT had a website like this.

That’s my son Van (10) at his XC race on Friday.

XC season is the best season and in California, it’s off to a great start!

Mosquito Fire updates from CalFire. Containment has improved, though so has total acreage. With ~18 miles of the Western States course burned or burning, I have no idea what Thornley and the Trail Bosses will do about fielding an event in 2023. As far as I know, there’s not an alternate route for that portion–especially one that wouldn’t also be burned. What I do know is that if it’s a matter of manpower to repair the trail, we’ll be all hands on deck and get it done.

NYT article about timed ultramarathon events is behind a paywall.

When I see V8 Splash (the drink) and know it’s citrus flavor, but the V8 name makes me think of tomato juice and my brain can’t accept the discrepancy. Same here. The can says Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, but I’m supposed to think “lager.”

Annie Hughes takes the win at Run Rabbit Run 100 over the weekend. Here’s our interview with her from last year.

No ultra content whatsoever, but did you ever wonder what’s been on Art Garfunkel’s reading list for the past 50 years? Me neither, but here’s the list.

Shelby Houlihan attempts to rebuild her image and plan for her return after her doping ban. I’m no PR crisis expert, but if no one (like, literally no one) believes your story about the burrito truck, stop using it as excuse and don’t talk about it. Talk around it. Talk about your future and how everyone has made mistakes but don’t be specific about something that makes you look like a bald-faced liar.

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