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Ultramarathon News:

So many times we hear from the runners that they didn’t get a chance to look around and enjoy the scenery…here’s how to change that:  Fast packing the UTMB course.  

One opinion: The problem with promoting “low carb” diets.

Be sure to check out Justin/IRF’s comprehensive ultramarathon and trail results from the weekend.

Soon to be in drop bags everywhere: Pickle juice in a can.

Here’s the story of another transcon runner on his way to the East Coast, with data on what his body will go through.

North Dakotans chime in here: Is the Maah Daah Hey Trail only accessible to MTB riders, or can runners take it on, too? It looks like it’d be a fun weekend run.

My run yesterday. (Pic doesn’t do it justice.) Two miles of 20-30% road.

Interesting: Your inner monologue during a workout determines your success.  If you want to “stay positive” on race day, you better practice that way, too.

Something I’m awful at is photography.  Here’s how to take better low-light pictures in the mountains. (Mine will still be dark and grainy.)

Andrew Miller hit up Bryce and Zion National Park recently. Check out the pics.

Harvard professor explains why and how we were born to resist working out.

Note: Every runner should have the Benny Hill theme song on their playlist.

REI/Oiselle video ad that shows Devon’s run at Western States, with a cameo of yours truly around the 2 min mark.  Very anxious to see what she’s running next.

Karl broke the official record for the Appalachian Trail this past weekend with an incredible push at the end, but I’m not understanding something.  Why is there only one record for both directions (N-S and S-N)?  Or am I misinformed? Like Comrades, shouldn’t there be separate record for each direction?

Part three of Skurka’s How to choose a campsite series.  Good into in there….saving for next Spring.

Four rules for coaching your spouse.  I’d add: Don’t.

Want to raise brave and independent kids? It starts with brave and independent parenting.

Read this: Zach Miller weaves his UTMB report into a story about the Amish term Vella Shpringa and how it describes the greater running community.

When there are TUEs, the playing field is not fair. Period.

Study: Does Acute Kidney Injury From an Ultramarathon Increase the Risk for Greater Subsequent Injury?

I ran Gates Canyon (Vacaville) yesterday and it kicked my ass.  See the picture above.  Parts of the road hit 30%, with an average grade of ~10% (first few miles are flat.)  Can anyone compare it to nearby Mix Canyon?

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