Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Sep 21

Triathlon Magazine Canada: An Ironman pro ran his first trail ultramarathon last month. How’d it go and what did he learn? Good stuff!

iRunFar: Catching up with Amy and Brian Rusiecki. I’ve spent some time with Amy and she’s incredible. Low key, generous, funny, honest…and an absolute animal on the trails. I also give her additional respect at how she comported herself when the social media mob came for her a few years ago.

This short video sure makes the IMTUF course spectacular. Wow!

IAAF Corruption: Glad to see people like this finally getting busted. Russian hush money, doping, payoffs, corruption…we can’t grow and gain respect as a sport (T&F in this case) if people like this fool are representing us. More here.

Europe already has a ton of fast women on the trails. Now I’m adding Fanni Gyurko to that watch list.

URP reviewers have covered how to prevent bouncing while running at length. Now in this Runners World article, bouncing while running is encouraged and celebrated.

David Epstein has written at length about the Caster Semenya case, but has recently changes his mind on a few key aspects. Whether or not I agree is immaterial; I always enjoy reading his stuff and thinking through big issues. (LINK FIXED)

 I learned an invaluable lesson in that measuring the value of the day in regards to the experience I have is the ultimate way to enjoy this silly hobby. Dedicating my energy and effort to meet a time goal that allows me to quantify my worth and success in comparison to my running peers is not fulfilling and will always leave me somewhat empty. 

More on FKTs: Ryne Anderson writes a great post about a recent “funnest and fastest known time” near Asheville.

Think of a trail you’ve run a lot. Do you ever use that trail differently or see that trail from a different perspective?
During winter, I head up to Tahoe and snowshoe run, and I’m fascinated by seeing how different the terrain looks. When I ride my cyclo/gravel bike, I’ll take some local running trails and I notice how different they feel on two wheels. Sometimes we’ll take the family up and go on a hike in Tahoe on trails I run on. The slow pace and the kids new eyes and attention allow me to see aspects of the trail I generally whiz right past. Then yesterday, I paddled alongside a favorite trail (Rattlesnake Bar up towards Auburn) and saw it from the water, maybe 50′ below the trail itself, and noticed all the little ups and downs and I was able to recognize landmarks from the water rather than the single track and it really made me want to get back on there.
Ever have experiences like that?

Speaking of paddling, are there any duathlons that combine trail running and paddle boarding? Paddle across a lake, run 30k, then paddle back sort of thing?

Canadian Running Listicle: Things trail runners don’t have to deal with. Can I add: Dips#its buzzing me on jetskis while blasting their terrible music?

Triathlon: Two guys racing for the final place on the podium and they come around the final turn towards the finish. 50 meters to go. Guy in front makes a wrong turn and runs towards the crowd while the trailing guy is now suddenly in the lead about to cross the finish line. What happens next?

Brendan’s got some great links in his Friday Inspiration. That post about who and what goes on in an NFL announcing booth is interesting. I’ve only announced races and they are exhausting!

Big thank to you to those who’s written me privately. I appreciate the support from everyone, but especially from those who disagree with my positions on most major issues but support my right to control the content of URP. Thank You.

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