Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Sep 21

Oh yeah, Kilian, but can you do this???

This fella was running a 60 miler in the UK, heard a kid screaming, jumped in the ocean and saved him from drowning. Drank his Coke, cried a lot, and finished the race. Ta-da!

NUC: Start your week off with this essay about loving each other.

Then try to apply the love theory to the asshats who do this type of stuff.

If every ultramarathon had a video like this one for Javelina Jundred, I’d sign up for every race.

My 6yo daughter isn’t really into Disney so I can’t confirm many of these, but this list matches Disney princesses with what would be their favorite beers.  Elsa drinks Coors Light?

Here’s Justin’s excellent breakdown of MUT results from this weekend.

Check out Camille Herron’s last month of running leading up to her 100k world champs win. Hint, she averages 10 runs/week.

I’m a big fan of Magness, but this “push through the grind” theory seems like it’d really set up people for injury.

The London Sports Institute is looking for some guinea pigs for a cryotherapy study and they need endurance runners. I’d sign up the Angry Jogger, but only if they’d film the mayhem that would certainly ensue. Find out more here.


I’m not sure what Chris Vargo’s older brother (right?) is saying in Italian, but the video shows how tough a race TdG really is.  Victor Ballesteros is one of the toughest runners I know, he DNFed last week and called it the toughest race in the world.

Garrett’s excellent report from Tahoe 200.  Glad you liked the mister!

How is your posture when you run? Have you tried to improve it?

Spaff wipes out on a wet bridge and takes a DNF on his comeback race.  Boooooo!

One massive fartlek round with Dom Grossman.

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