Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Sep 23

Ultrarunning Mag: Get to know Rod Farvard.

IRF/TWIR: As Justin mentioned, results from all corners of the world. Max King podiums in Scotland, a runner passes away in South Africa, Ash Watson is a bad ass, and I’ll be keeping an eye on Katie Kaars-Sijpesteijn while simultaneously hoping I’m never asked to announce a race she’s in.

Trailrunner Mag: How Tim Tollefson reframes failure. Great lessons from a guy who focuses on one major event each year.

AP: Seriously, RUSADA, f*ck right off.

TrailSisters: An open letter to myself. Great advice.

There were sections of this course the reduced me to a quibbling, pathetic little boy forced to ride his bike without training wheels. When I realized the Monster doesn’t negotiate with spoiled whiners, I had to make a decision: put up or shut up.

Report from the Mogollan Monster 100.

FastWomen: Can Coburn and Frerichs repeat their steeple performance at World Champs? I’d love to lean more about Katy Jermann, and more results from women’s athletics around the world.

LetsRun: What would happen if there were a $5M prize purse for a hundred miler. (Real answer: The LR message boards would melt.)

CTS: The important of emotional energy and how to boost it for increased performance.

Marathon Investigtion: A cheater admits to her wrong doing and offers some insight into her mindset. Interesting stuff.

I didn’t get a chance to release the Michael Carson interview on Friday…I was busy in the bathroom with butterflies for our first xc meet of the season. The kids did great and were all smiles when asking about the next race.

Mountain Outhouse: 100 miler results, upcoming races, and a rant about Ironman’s new partnership with Aleve.

And my own little rant…I understand the concern about partnering with a pain killer that’s had deleterious effects for some people. I do. Many of us recall Erik Skaggs’ run at Waldo back in ’09 when “Vitamin I” was overused and landed Erik in the hospital for a week. That opened my eyes to the dangers of overusing NSAIDs for sure.

But here’s where it gets tricky, and even mentioning it has the potential to label me something I abhor (an ex-drinker) but it’s important: How can we shun pain killers and their sponsorship decisions while simultaneously cheering for and promoting beer and alcohol sponsorships? If we’re looking at overall society while also recognizing the vast number of recovering addicts in ultra running, we need to consider and accept that one drug is far and away more harmful than the other and stop the double standard. My point is not to change any sponsorships, but rather to be consistent with what we support and recognize the inconsistency.

And somewhat tangentially, the same goes for the current push to stop everyone from talking about weight, food, and diet issues because some people have suffered or are suffering from disordered eating. Certainly alcohol-related health issues, deaths, violence, and societal concerns have far outweighed those from eating disorders, but no one is asking for everyone to stop talking about alcohol (including your humble author), so why the double standard? Let’s talk about this.

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