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Bear100 was this weekend, and after horrible fires last month and rain and snow last week, the course was rerouted 24 hours before start.  No worries, the runners still got a healthy dose of ultramarathon rain and mud as shown in this great video by Clare Abrams’ husband.  Top female was the Queen of Hundreds right now…Kaci Lickteig.

Here are five random peoples’ answers about how and why they fit running into their lives.

Great report from the track: After Jon promised himself to never try the 24 hour run again, he lined up again this year and ran a solid first half until the pain got unbearable and he slowed to a walk while wearing flip flops.  Sounds like he gave it everything he had, and that’s a win for me.

And here’s Jay Friedman’s report from the North Coast 24 hour in Ohio.  What’s the correlating theme of these two 24 hour reports? Keep moving. Examine, adapt, and keep moving forward.

Important stuff: Megan discussed disordered eating and eating disorders, putting her MD and her running bonafides to good use.

Waiting anxiously for this movie (trailer here) to drop. Here’s the URP interview of Brian’s incredible story.

Good, reasonable discussion: We need to talk about drugs in sport.

Read this: And another great article from Alex at TrailRunner Mag: When it comes to anti-doping, trail running is still the wild west.  

Interesting: Universal, standardized fitness “beep” test given to kids around the world to test their aerobic fitness.  Three takeaways:

  • I never would have guessed the top five “most fit” countries.
  • US finished 47/50. That’s pathetic.
  • Kids from countries with a small gap between rich and poor appear to have better fitness.

Op-Ed: I spent Saturday getting some hills on my legs and checking out the UROC race in Auburn. Help me understand: How is a race with so few entrants, minimal local engagement, and questionable organization able to put on a race with a fat prize purse? I don’t get it.

Site news: Has anyone had problems with the URP RSS feed recently?  Some people aren’t catching updates since mid-August, while others have no problem.  Let me know.

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