Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon Sep 27

TrailRunningMagUK: Hideo Takano gets bit by a snake 2k from the Tor des Geants finish line and figures he may as well run to the doctor rather than have medics come to him. Tongue swells up, lips swell up, blacks out a few times, but yeah, he finished the race.

Oregon: Bipedal robot teaches itself to run and finishes a 5k in…53 minutes.

Of the existing data comparing cannabis users to non-users, there are no reported differences in aerobic fitness (VO2max), blood pressure, muscular strength and endurance measures, work capacity, and perceived exertion [37,38,39,40]. In physically active cannabis users, there are no differences in anaerobic power, or markers of stress and inflammation [37, 39].

Peer reviewed article on cannabis and athletic performance.

Throwaway story about a couple who were hiking and ran into a skydiving Tom Cruise also includes an interesting bit about how drone “scrambling devices” caused all the local cattle to collapse with confusion. Weird, right?

iRunFar: Results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail races around the world. Quick hits:

  • Keep an eye on Stephanie Garcia…she just finished 2nd at the USATF Trail Champs but she was a top collegiate steeplechaser, and you know how well that event transfers to MUT running.
  • The awards ceremony from Infinite Trails sounds awesome, but where’s the pic?
  • Courtney quietly takes first overall and a new CR at a smaller race in Colorado.
  • Meanwhile, Amy Hamilton takes first overall at the Yeti 100.
  • Fotis Zisimopoulos (yep, I cut and pasted that) wins Spartathlon with the fastest time ever by someone not named Yiannis.

AJW writes about the grief of losing his dad and how the healing powers of running has helped him cope.

Personal: I started substitute teaching recently and last week I was assigned a class of 20 kindergartners. I’ll be with them this week too, and holy cow I feel like I’ve run a 50 miler each day! Tons of fun to teach, but it’s 100% focus and attention with no break.

The LetsRun Forums tackles the big important question of which activity is better…running or sex. 

Peer Reviewed: A Comparison of Running Economy Across Seven Carbon-Plated Racing Shoes

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