Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Sep 28

Interesting: The most popular mapped running routes from major cities.

Bob Shebest didn’t go out fast and blow up at RRR100 last weekend.   Here’s his report from second place.

And you heard my interview with Andrew Skurka last week…here’s his written report from the race.

That's my mom (66yo) crushing it on the Coastal Trail in Marin Headlands on Saturday.
That’s my mom (66yo) crushing it on the Coastal Trail in Marin Headlands on Saturday.

Masters runner (super masters? whatever…) clocks a new WR for the beer mile in 5:01 while drinking a honey cream ale. Nice work!

So what’s it like to run your first fifty miler on no running, but exclusively strength training?

Video: Man was made for adventure, exploration, and mountains. (link fixed)

…and these guys understand that perfectly.

NUC whatsoever, but Travis nails it here, regarding technology, kids, and baseball. Yes, yes, yes.

When you’re a 2:03 marathoner and your insole comes loose in the first mile, it’s gonna be a long and bloody run to the finish.

Mt Fuji, UROC, Bear100, Spartathlon…full results here in Justin’s Week in Review.  Only result I didn’t see was for the Grand to Grand Ultramarathon, which was won by a Taiwanese runner.

You’ve heard and seen plenty of interviews with runners. In this video, the runners’s crew gets some love.

How beginner runners can boost endurance. Seems like this advice hasn’t changed in decades, right?

I love this topic: How we can control willpower and self-control, and get a better handle on the decision making process.

Megan’s report (and excellent pics!) from World 100k championships.

Black Lives Matter plans to shut down marathon. Thoughts?

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