Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Sep 9

IRF/Mock: This week in trail and ultramarathon results: Timmy Parr is back at Imogene Pass; a close race in Interlaken; and cool to see Foote’s name on the list for RRR next weekend.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Gear, food, and essentials for a multi day, self supported stage race. Sarah’s done a number of these now and streamlining her approach.

Wow: This past weekend Dion Leonard became the first male to complete the Leadville Race Series and the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning in one year. Wow!

Mountain Outhouse News: UTMB, Six Days in Dome, and more. My thoughts:
-Agree with Jamil re the shorts. Is this really an issue? I’ve gotta believe Courtney is a bit weirded out by someone using her in this way.
Wastach 40th Anniversary run! What a cool idea!
-CBD/THC: If a product she thought was clean was not, then she’s got a solid argument. I’d like to hear more about this.

National Parks: Wow, I had no idea the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin was so beautiful!

US Trail Running Conference sells out to Spartan Trail.

SCMP: Lots of hype and initial fireworks from the Chinese contingent at UTMB, but looks like more lessons were learned than podium spots earned. Still, great attitudes with some fun insight into this emerging scene.

PodiumRunner: Four classic cross country workouts that’ll make you a better runner.

Very excited to release an episode with author Jared Beasley in which we dive into the life and mind-boggling times of Al Howie. Stay tuned.

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