Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Sept 11

All the weekend trail racing and ultramarathon results you can shake a stick at, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar.

Tahoe 200 is still underway with livetracking right here.

Ian’s excellent summary and photo montage from one of the classics…Superior 100.

I’ve never seen Run, Fatboy, Run, but it sounds like a pretty funny movie. Any other movies, books, or blogs to add to the comedy list?

Did you catch our latest interview with Tim Tollefson? We talk about his predictions for HOKA teammate Jim Walmsley at UTMB, how he stays patient in the early miles of a race, and how his training differed from last year. And check out the pack review with Gear Editor Ben at the end of the show.

ultramarathonThe cost of an annual subscription to Ultrarunning Magazine is about the cost of a handful of gels. Get 10 hard copy issues each year, in addition to access to the 36 year archive of the magazine and great articles by Ann Trason (damn you, spellcheck!), Ian Sharman, and Cory Reese.

And don’t miss Mountain Outhouse this week. Always good stuff from JamJam and crew. Handholding…not OK.

Uberman is an event not meant for the weak. I would, however, love to see it not in stages, but as one straight shot.  

And speaking of questionable race formats, while I understand the intent–getting cross fitters out of the gym–I hope this trend doesn’t continue. Let’s keep divisions simple.

Last week I posted about mindful running, so this week I’ll share the Angry Jogger’s inner-dialogue with a very anti-mindful (with a not surprising NSFW language) bent to it.

Cool: Andrew Miller‘s volunteer/pacing report from his mom’s run at Cascade Crest 100.

Here’s Jean’s report from his UTMB DNF. 

This sport is made up of car-dwelling hippies, normal folks with boring jobs, and CEOs looking to improve their leadership game.

Sixteen years ago…I had been dating my now-wife Sam for a few months and was driving back to my house to get to work at the Capitol in Sacramento when I heard the news. I listened to the radio with rapt attention and disbelief and remember pulling over to listen harder. Pretty sure it was Dan Rather anchoring the program. Got home and watched a ton of TV after the state closed my office due to security concerns. We hung a flag out front of our rental, tried to donate blood, but were turned away because too many people were lined up to volunteer.  Sixteen years.

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