Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Apr 23

Justin runs down the ultramarathon and trail racing results from this weekend. Rob Krar wins a 50k, Karl wins another 100 miler,and Kaytlyn Gerbin wins in Washington.

…and Kaci had her first race of the year after a long recovery from an injury. Great to have her back!

Should Kilian be considered the best runner in the world? The letsrun MENSA team ponders this silly question.

No good runners do it.

Steve Magness is not a fan of CrossFit. 

Attention beer drinkers: There are styles other than IPAs. Happy German Beer day.

What Des Linden’s normal day looks like. Starts with coffee and focuses on running in the moment on her runs.

If we’re talking about the ultimate endurance event, it’s best to be female and Japanese.

And what did Yuki Kawauchi do a week after Boston? Ran a half marathon, of course. *Mike Wardian nods in approval.*

Do you take ibuprofen for recovery and inflammation? CBD oil may be your better choice.

Last Thursday I fell hard while riding a Razor scooter with my son Van. Ass over teakettle, blood everywhere, and after the adrenaline wore off, a very, very sore left knee. Major concern that it was another meniscal tear that’d require surgery and PT, but severely disappointed that I wouldn’t be a able to guide my runner to his first 5k on Saturday. I searched all over for someone who could guide a blind runner and came up empty-handed. I reached out to friends, networked on social media, then just before 10pm on Friday night, got a message from a woman, Heather Sims, whom I’d never met, and who’d never guided a VI/blind runner, but was willing to step up to help out. I don’t know the details, but I know that they finished the race and are both happy. Nice job, running community!  [Update: Knee isn’t meniscal tear. Just banged up.]

Science! Endurance sports and ultramarathons help the body fend of illnesses.  (Not mentioned: Also increases likelihood of injury.)

You heard Ben talk about these ultralight Reeboks last month. Here’s more about how the shoes performed at Boston.

The Sri Chimnoy 6/10 Day Ultramarathon is going on right now.  Brief update from the SteelTownRunner: The main battle is in the 10 day seeing a clash between two studs, Ashprihanal Aalto  of Finland(40d 9hr CR / WR for the 3100, and 833 pb for 10 days) and last years winner Budjragal of Mongolia (Won with 73X). Each facing various issues, but it’s a tight race and they’re pushing each other.  Live updates right this way.

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