Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Apr 29

Justin Mock/IRF: Trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend.
-I was at Canyons and didn’t get a chance to follow Madeira, but was happy to see that Tim and Courtney did so well. Truly great ambassador and representatives of our sport–especially overseas.
-UT Mt Fuji is a race I’d be pretty skeptical to sign up for. Too many weather issues, course changes and cancellations for me. Maybe move it to another time of year?

Sounds like some of these results aren’t accurate, but two things are sure: C&O Canal Path is a fast 100 miler, and URP guest Walt Handloser ran his 14th hundred of 2019 there this past weekend.

Kipchoge wins his 10th straight marathon major at London Marathon wearing some fancy shoes. #GOAT

Sarah Lavender Smith was on Brendan Leonard’s podcast recently…check it out here.

Triathlete: We’ve discussed the growth in MUT racing in China and subsequent problems that’ve come with it. Seems the tri world is having some similar growing pains.

Beer: It’s Beer Week in Sacramento and there’s not one brewery (out of 60+) pouring an NA beer. With so many other cities and states getting on the NA bandwagon, it’s disappointing that an otherwise beer friendly region hasn’t caught on yet.

Italian RD: “Africans aren’t paid enough in marathons, so we’re not going to let them run this year and this will shine a light on the inequities.”
Italians: “Cazzate! You’re not letting them run because you’re a racist.”
Pretty sure I got those arguments down right. Any help?

No, no, I’m not taking a break. I’m just reading.

Pre-Canyons panel, from left: Me, Bob Shebest, Damian Hall, Darcy Piceu, Kellie (Emmerson) Angel. I’ll release the audio soon.

Canyons 100k thoughts:
-First, a bang up job by the RDs. From rerouting the course to making some hard calls about enforcing cutoffs, they did an excellent job putting on a world class (though still low key) event.
-I’d be remiss if I didn’t start with how sad? disappointed? upset? I am that Meghan Laws won’t be running Western States this year. I guess the silver lining is that maybe she’ll make herself available to pace someone. Same goes for Bob Shebest. I know they both wanted that ticket, but unfortunately, this is a fickle sport and they’ll have another go next year.
-Kat Drew is tough. She and Kim came through the 50k side by side, reached Rucky Chucky together, then Kat ate up some serious time on the final few climbs. To note…both she and Kim (and 25k winner and fellow Canadian) Arden Young all had a chest cold. Damn, Canada!
-Jimmy Elam is someone I’ll be watching very closely and will hopefully have on the show soon. Jimmy gave Jim W a run for his money at Nine Trails last month, then just pushed hard on a challenging course for the Golden Ticket this weekend. Western will be his first hundred (he’s finished two 100ks and won both), but the guy’s in shape and will be fun to watch.
-Nice to see Ford Smith back at it! Ford came out from Boulder to run the 25k and finished second. He’ll graduate next month from college, then is headed to the East Coast to hike the AT solo.
-I apparently announced some pretty funky (read: inaccurate) information about the runners. Something went awry with the data merge (booo on apple for still not offering a merge function on Pages/Numbers) and I was announcing information about people that wasn’t right. Oops.
-Meghan Laws, Darcy Piceu, Luanne Park, and Kathy D’Onofrio all at one race. Pretty incredible depth of trail wisdom and respect right there.
-I hope Canyons 100k stays a Golden Ticket event for many years. There’s not a race out there that’s a better arbiter or harbinger of success at Western than, ya know, racing on the hardest part of the course.

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