Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, April 16

Justin runs down all the ultramarathon and trail results from this weekend. (Not mentioned, Jim’s wrong-turn at mile 49 where some friendly elite spectators saved him.)

I was at Sonoma and Jim is simply on another level right now. Add to that Keely’s gun-to-tape performance, Senseman’s comeback push, and not to mention the bluebird weather(!), and it was a great day of racing. If Western weren’t going to be exciting enough, this is the first time I know of where a group of training partners will be racing together. Seattle had top runners ten years ago, same with Boulder, and Bend has/had a group of solid athletes, but never has a group toed the line that trains together like the Cowboys. This should be awesome.

If you missed our interview with Golden Ticket winner Jared Hazen from last week, here it is.

Read this: How science is handling the increased participation in female endurance sports. (“We can’t study women. They’ll have to be naked! What about their periods? Will we have to provide childcare?!?“) With most test subjects and papers written for the male athlete/body, there’s a movement to learn more about how we differ.

I mentioned the Rendezvous Music and Trail/Outdoor Festival last week, but didn’t realize there was a contest attached! Register prior to May 1, and be in the running for a comped entry to any Rainshadow race, whether it’s sold out or not (Orcas Island 100 is excluded.) Here’s a video of what to expect at Rendezvous…I wish I could make it!  (NFI)

Jared Hazen and Keely Henniger literally smelling the barn at mile 49.6.

So there’s a little race going on in Boston today. Impossible to predict, but my favorites going in are Shalane and Kawauchi. Who ya got?

I’m not sure who I’m mad at, but whatever organization blackballed non-NBC subscribers from watching the race live sucks. I guess the advertisers don’t want eyeballs and impressions from the rest of the country? How can every other major sports championships be televised live, but the oldest in the country is paywalled?

Update: This works.

Fun look back at Boston from 50 years ago.

You have to know how to read them — when to sing Tom Petty, when to shut up. Scott hasn’t run a loop course before — he’ll have to leave the finish area, with the music and food and bonfire, five times. I can’t let him get comfortable there. I’m more of a drill sergeant: You can walk the uphills but you need to run all the downhills, so button up and let’s go.”

The role of the pacer.

Read this: How we predict our own and others’ performances.

What I’ve been saying for years: This era of doping, no matter how bad and egregious it seems, will be quaint compared to what’s coming with (largely undetectable) gene therapy.

Want to geek out on a scientific paper that looks into how our vision affects our foot placement when walking/running on trails? Start here.

Boston, Lake Sonoma, MdS…and let’s not forget this guy running the TransOkie.

Kudos to Healdsburg Running Company (Northern CA) for carrying kids shoes! We stopped by on Saturday and were surprised they have four different models from different manufacturers in small sizes! Once again…we can’t expect this bubble to continue–especially with young ladies–if they have no access to the ONE thing runners needs: shoes.

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