Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Monday, April 2

The Guardian covers the growing sport of ultramarathon running. Like his writing? Here’s our interview with writer Adharanand Finn.

Be prepared for the new Hoka Crugtelix and the North Face Bubuwahini shoes.

If you’re going to count on the competition to bring out your best work, you’ve surrendered control over your most important asset. Real achievement comes from racing ahead when no one else sees a path–and holding back when the rush isn’t going where you want to go.

Run your own dang race.

Regardless of your definition of “natures boundaries”, it helps everyone to be outside.

The world of ultramarathon podcasters is a small one, but I was unaware of what Tawny and John were going through for the past 2 months. My condolences and thoughts are with them.

Though I regularly run with music (with a single ear bud, mind you), I do appreciate the sound of nature on adventure runs.

It looks like ultramarathon/trailrunning superfan Bill Dooper is nearing the end of his final race.

Latest Mountain Outhouse video covers Barkley, FKTs, Dakota Jones, and more.

Mount Everest: 29,035 feet

Actual cost: At least $65,000

Alternative: Take my 9-year-old and 11-year-old neighbors and six of their friends ice climbing.

–Morning Funny: Seven affordable alternatives to the seven summits. Like his ideas? Here’s our interview with Brendan from last week.

Justin/iRunFar’s results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail results. My takeaways:

As much as I like gear and entrepreneurs, you don’t need all that s&*T to be a runner.

Allie O has “a little pool party” to run the fastest steeple time in the world this year. Which running discipline can’t she win?

Here’s a good film about running Bryce 100. (I ran it a few years ago…excellent management and gorgeous trails!)

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